The Original Besaid Aurochs: How Good Can They Get?

One of the best things about Final Fantasy X is the side game, Blitzball. In fact, finding the best Blitzball players can be a rewarding experience in itself that will have you travelling all around Spira.

Yet, how good would your team be if you stuck to the original lineup of the Besaid Aurochs. Is it worth keeping Keepa around? Is Letty a worthy box-to-box midfielder? Read on to find out!

Besaid Aurochs Original Lineup


Tidus - Besaid Aurochs
Tidus – Besaid Aurochs

Position: Forward

Level 1 Stats: HP 132. SP 60. EN 10. AT 3. PA 3. BL 2. SH 10. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 3,347. SP 64. EN 45. AT 13. PA 31. BL 11. SH 49. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 9,999. SP 67. EN 80. AT 23. PA 49. BL 19. SH 78. CA 20.

Tidus is probably the only original member of the Besaid Aurochs that you’re likely to keep around long term if you’re going for the best possible team. 

Starting off with strong Endurance and Shot stats, the best thing about Tidus’ Blitzball skills are his Sphere Shot and Jecht Shot, which should win you most games early on with the Aurochs. 


Datto - Aurochs
Datto – Aurochs

Position: Forward

Level 1 Stats: HP 90. SP 60. EN 12. AT 2. PA 4. BL 2. SH 8. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 2,852. SP 87. EN 41. AT 12. PA 19. BL 9. SH 35. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 8,567. SP 90. EN 65. AT 26. PA 34. BL 26. SH 62. CA 20.

Datto is a good Forward to have in the team, and is a player who remains relatively consistent throughout. 

He starts (and keeps) solid Endurance and Shooting stats, and if you stick with him until level 99, he’ll be the fastest player in the Besaid Aurochs lineup and the third fastest player in the entire game behind Nedus and Brother. 


Letty - Besaid Aurochs
Letty – Besaid Aurochs

Position: Midfielder

Level 1 Stats: HP 95. SP 60. EN 7. AT 5. PA 10. BL 5. SH 4. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 3,092. SP 60. EN 29. AT 18. PA 43. BL 22. SH 19. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 9,209. SP 60. EN 61. AT 37. PA 83. BL 39. SH 39. CA 20.

Letty is a well-rounded midfielder with exceptional Passing abilities and decent Endurance stats. 

If you start playing Blitzball early on in the game (not highly recommended if you’re building the strongest team), Letty will be a real asset to the team. In truth, though, as other players in the game level up around him, his abilities are quickly overshadowed. 


Jassu - Besaid Aurochs
Jassu – Besaid Aurochs

Position: Defender

Level 1 Stats: HP 100. SP 63. EN 7. AT 10. PA 7. BL 5. SH 1. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 3,520. SP 65. EN 31. AT 25. PA 27. BL 21. SH 11. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 9,999. SP 67. EN 37. AT 50. PA 52. BL 40. SH 20. CA 20.

Jassu is a solid defender early on in the game, with strong AT and BL attributes. Additionally, Jassu’s passing ability is good enough that he can double up as a midfielder if you are so inclined to do so. 

Unfortunately, Jassu doesn’t progress as fast as some of the other members of the Besaid Aurochs, and it can feel like a chore to keep him in the team at times. 


Botta - Besaid Aurochs
Botta – Besaid Aurochs

Position: Defender

Level 1 Stats: HP 105. SP 60. EN 3. AT 10. PA 6. BL 2. SH 1. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 3,353. SP 60. EN 16. AT 24. PA 18. BL 17. SH 12. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 9,121. SP 60. EN 34. AT 46. PA 16. BL 61. SH 26. CA 21.

Similarly to Jassu, Botta starts off as a decent defender and will get you through the early Blitzball games at low levels. His AT attribute is his main attribute at the start of the game, but his EN is nothing to write home about. 

Botta’s BL stat starts off very low, but biomes very high if you stick with him to the later levels (61 at level 99). 


Keepa - Besaid Aurochs
Keepa – Besaid Aurochs

Level 1 Stats: HP 90. SP 54. EN 4. AT 2. PA 2. BL 4. SH 1. CA 5.

Level 50 Stats: HP 3,075. SP 54. EN 22. AT 7. PA 13. BL 17. SH 4. CA 31.

Level 99 Stats: HP 8,028. SP 53. EN 45. AT 22. PA 23. BL 57. SH 99. CA 39.

Keepa starts off as probably the weakest link in the original Besaid Aurochs lineup. His Catching stat is a mere 5 at level 1, but increases steadily to 39 by the time he is level 99. 

One of the most surprising things about Keepa, though, is that if you persevere with him throughout all the levels, he ends up with the highest Shooting stat in the entire game at 99! It’s fun to do, if nothing else. 


Wakka - Blitzball
Wakka – Besaid Aurochs

Position: Forward

Level 1 Stats: HP 150. SP 60. EN11. AT 3. PA 3. BL 2. SH 13. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats: HP 2,920. SP 60. EN 40. AT 10. PA 19. BL 7. SH 46. CA 11.

Level 99 Stats: HP 8,817. SP 60. EN 78. AT 16. PA 35. BL 11. SH 80. CA 20.

Wakka starts as an original member of the Besaid Aurochs, but becomes unavailable until you get the airship. Once you do get the ship, though, Wakka can be hired for 1 gil per match. 

One of the best things about Wakka is the Aurochs Spirit ability that appears randomly as a prize during the Blitzball tournaments. This ability adds +10 to Wakka’s shot, in addition to the SH stats of any Besaid Aurochs player in the pitch at the same time. This is one reason why keeping onto the original lineup can prove beneficial. 


Where are the Besaid Aurochs based?

The Besaid Aurochs are, unsurprisingly, based on the island of Besaid. They were widely regarded as the worst team in the whole of Spira, but the emergence of Tidus has the ability to change their fortunes. 

How do you get an Aurochs Reel for Wakka’s Overdrive?

To get the Aurochs Reels, you must have competed in 450 battles with Wakka. Then, it will appear as a prize during one of the Blitzball Tournaments. Follow the link to learn more about Wakka’s Overdrives

Is Datto a good Blitzball player?

Datto is one of the best players for the Besaid Aurochs. He is also a player that you could keep in the team throughout all of the levels without sacrificing much quality. 

Datto has the potential to become the third fastest player in the game.  

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