The 10 Best Enter the Gungeon Synergies

Part of what makes roguelikes so fun is the synergy potential that comes with combining different items in the game. This is particularly true of Enter the Gungeon, and with so many weapons and passive items to choose from, the synergies can get pretty crazy. 

Read on for the 10 best Enter the Gungeon synergies.

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10. Double Down (Gunboots + Springheel Boots)

Double Down Synergy
Double Down Synergy

If you like to do damage without even using a weapon, Double Down might be the best Enter the Gungeon synergy for you. 

In short, Double Down cancels the cooldown period for the Gunboots, meaning that you will fire bullets every time you perform a roll. It’s quite a fun synergy to play around with, but it’s not going to win you the run by itself. 

9. Particle Accelerator (Particulator + Laser Sight)

Particle Accelerator Synergy
Particle Accelerator Synergy

The Particle Accelerator is cool looking synergy that fires extra lasers every time the smaller bullets from the Particulator hit an object or enemy. The lasers are fired in the direction of the object that the small bullets hit.

This is a great boss killer, so if you happen upon this synergy, try and save it for the end of a chamber if you don;t have much else going for you in the run. 

8. Knight Time (Ballistic Boots + Gunknight Greaves)

The Cormorant - Gungeon Transformation
The Cormorant – Gungeon Transformation

Knight Time is another boot-related Gungeon synergy, and a good one at that. Knight Time will stop time whenever you take damage, making it a great defensie synergy to add to your arsenal. 

If you throw Springheel Boots into the mix, you’ll get a third roll to help you out too.The Gunknight Greaves also take you one step closer to the elusive Cormorant transformation.   

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7. Jolly Roger (Skull Splitter + VertebraeK-47)

Jolly Roger Synergy
Jolly Roger Synergy

Jolly Roger is a powerful synergy that fires three linked skull shots towards enemies and has the potential to freeze them. 

As you can imagine, this synergy is overpowered and can clear rooms with the blink of an eye. It’s also one of the most fun synergies in the game. I mean, who doesn’t like watching multiple skulls melt foe into complete nothingness? You’ll have fun with this one.  

6. Meltdown (Big Boy + Gamma Ray)

Meltdown Synergy
Meltdown Synergy

The combination of Big Boy and Gamma Ray causes the Gamma Ray’s beam to split into 5 beams, widening your potential for damage. Not only is this combo ridiculously fun, but it is without a doubt one of the best synergies in Enter the Gungeon.  

Using the Big Boy also replenishes the Gamma Ray’s ammo by 100, but this only works if you are holding it at the time.  

5. Ice Water (Snowballer + Mega Douser)

Ice Water Synergy
Ice Water Synergy

The Mega Douser is already one of the funnest guns to play with in Gungeon, but did you know that when you combine it with Snowballer, the gun becomes 30% more powerful and freezes enemies? 

It’s true, this is a powerful Gungeon combination, and if you happen to come across Bouncy Bullets on the same run, this could easily be higher in this list of the best Enter the Gungeon synergies. 

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4. King Bomber (Lil’ Bomber + Others)

King Bomber Synergy
King Bomber Synergy

You’re gonna be rich if you find this synergy, and it easily has the potential to become OP. King Bomber is a synergy that is made up of Lil’ Bomber and Coin Crown, Crown of Guns, or Gilded Bullets. 

In short, Lil’ Bomber will now fire gold bombs which spawn Shells upon exploding. If you like to take advantage of the shops, then this will be one of the best Enter the Gungeon synergies for you. 

3. Great Queen Ant (Gungeon Ant + Others)

Great Queen Ant Synergy
Great Queen Ant Synergy

The Great Queen Ant synergy is formed when you combine the Gungeon Ant with Coin Crown, Crown of Guns, Gilded Bullets, Heck Blaster, or Ring of Fire Resistance. 

For me, this is one of the coolest synergies as the Gungeon Ant becomes a queen ant and proceeds to fire rocket ants at enemies. The result? Utter chaos and one of the most powerful guns in the game that will melt enemies into oblivion. 

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2. Akey Breaky (AKEY-47 + Shelleton Key)

Akey Breaky Synergy
Akey Breaky Synergy

The AKEY-47 is already up there with the best items in the game, but when you combine it with the Shelleton Key, the synergy it creates is devastating. 

When you have the Akey Breaky synergy, every time you fire with the AKEY-47 you get a +10 damage boost per bullet. What’s even better is that you get infinite ammo so can fire away with reckless abandon. 

Unfortunately, the synergized gun doesn’t open locks by shooting at them anymore, but that still doesn’t stop Akey Breaky being one of the best Enter the Gungeon synergies. 

1. Betrayer’s Lies (Betrayer’s Shield + Lies)

Betrayer's Lies Synergy
Betrayer’s Lies Synergy

If you asked the average Gungeon player what the best Enter the Gungeon synergies are, you’d probably find Betrayer’s Lies at the top of the pile 9 times out of 10. 

When you find this combo, Betrayer’s Shield gets a much larger magazine, infinite ammo, and increased fire rate and accuracy. When you combine the offensive boost to the defense that the shield provides, you’re in for a good time. 

As you can imagine, this is particularly OP and it’s pretty much game, set and match if you find this gungeon synergy. 

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