The 5 Best Horror Games of 2023 to Play on Halloween

Looking for a horror game to play this Halloween? Look no further. Here we’ve broken down the best horror games of 2023 for you to enjoy! Let us know in the comment section if you have any others to add to the list.

5. The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials Gameplay
The Outlast Trials Gameplay

Developer: Red Barrels

Platform: Microsoft Windows 

Date of Release: May 18, 2023

The Outlast Trials was released to much critical acclaim earlier in the year, and for good reason too. Red Barrels have added a new twist to their franchise by introducing a co-op element. 

Playing either solo or cooperatively (with up to four other people), you must take on a set of trials that increase in difficulty the more you progress, all while trying to avoid the characteristically horrifying enemies that are a hallmark of the Outlast series. The Outlast Trials also introduces a class system, with each character having distinct abilities such as healing and seeing through walls. 

Yet, while the game is intense and has its terrifying moments, particularly in the first hours of gameplay, it has to be said that it fails to keep the same intensifying dread that the previous Outlast games. In truth, the game doesn’t have a great replay value and quickly becomes repetitive. 

Despite its drawbacks, there is still a lot of fun to be had, and horror enthusiasts and fans of the previous games should certainly check this game out for its intense atmosphere, visual design, and innovative cooperative gameplay. 

4. Dead Space (Remake)

Dead Space Remake Gameplay
Dead Space Remake Gameplay

Developer: Motive Studio

Platform: PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S

Date of Release: January 27, 2023

Dead Space 2023 is a remake of the original game in the franchise that was released in 2008 for seventh generation consoles. If you thought the original was terrifying, the augmented graphics and reimagining of some of the game’s creatures add something extra to the intense dread that is a familiar feeling in the Dead Space series. 

All that was great about the first is evident here, too – a captivating story, a likable protagonist, and perfectly paced gameplay that will keep you at the edge of your seat at all times, whilst not overdoing it with the jump scares. Indeed, for an extra horrifying experience, try playing the game in a harder gameplay mode. 

Some critics of the game pointed to a lack of innovation and ambition in taking the game in a direction to the original, but, in truth, negative feedback for the game was few and far between. 

Overall, the Dead Space remake is easily one of the best horror games of 2023, and it is one that fans of the genre should be itching to try if they haven’t done so already. 

3. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Reseident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay
Resident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay

Developer: Capcom

Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows

Date of Release: March 24, 2023

After the successful remakes of RE2 and RE3, Capcom have once again smashed it out of the park with the incredible remake of Resident Evil 4. Originally released in 2005, the game once again follows U.S. federal government agent Leon Kennedy as he attempts to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the president. 

With revamped graphics, a completely overhauled audio system, and modernized gameplay, Resident Evil 4 stays true to its roots whilst also providing a level of tension and horror that may only have been possible with this new perspective and reimagining of level designs.

Though the story is pretty much identical to the original, the pacing feels a lot better and there is a more in-depth characterisation of a lot of the game’s characters. In addition to this is some stellar voice acting that only adds to the immersion.

One has to give props to Capcom for their dedication to the remakes. After the success of their prior revivals, it would have been easy for them to cash in easily with Resident Evil 4 without too much effort. Instead, they seem to have put a lot of care into ensuring that the game has that authentic Resident Evil feel, whilst also innovating the gameplay and maintaining the franchise’s intense atmosphere. 

2. Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay
Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Platform: PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S

Date of Release: October 27, 2023

Thirteen years after the release of the horror-adventure masterpiece Alan Wake, we are treated to a second installment and continuation of a story that captivated so many of us. 

The game may not be classed as an out and out horror by some peoples standards, but the suspense that Remedy are able to build at times is really quite something to behold. It helps that the game is incredibly immersive, too. When you factor in the super realistic graphics, emotive voice acting, and mysterious atmosphere, Alan Wake 2 easily becomes one of the must have horror games for 2023. 

It is not to the tastes of everyone, though, and for all its positives it’s worth mentioning some of the drawbacks that have been mentioned since its release. The main criticism is that its linear nature has made some people feel like it is a walking simulator. Others claim that the pace of the game is too slow, too, particularly in the beginning. 

All in all though, Alan Wake 2 is definitely one for horror aficionados to seek out and, although it is not completely essential to enjoy the game, I’d also recommend playing both the original Alan Wake and Control (2019), or at least watching a video overview, to fully appreciate every element of this entry.  

1. Amnesia: The Bunker

Amnesia The Bunker - Gameplay
Amnesia The Bunker – Gameplay

Developer: Frictional Games

Platform: PS4, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Date of Release: June 6, 2023

A feature of the Amnesia series is its deeply unsettling atmospheric horror, and this fourth entry to the franchise is no different. Amnesia: The Bunker sees players take control of a French soldier, Henri, as he tries to escape and avoid a chillingly haunting monster that preys on the soldier in a World War 1 bunker.

As with its predecessors, the game adopts a first-person perspective and consists of the usual features of the series such as light sources, interactive objects, supplies, and safe rooms. However, there is no safe room in this installment. 

In a similar fashion to Alien: Isolation, this game is a cat and mouse style horror in which “the beast” that stalks you reacts to your movements and actions as you explore the semi-open world.

Most negative reviews of Amnesia: The Bunker are from people who suggest that the game is TOO scary, so if this sounds like the horror game you want to play this Halloween, you’re in for a real suspenseful ride! 

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