Black Salt Coreuption: Spreading Diversity in Gaming During Black History Month

In the US and Canada February is Black History Month. In order to celebrate and promote diversity in the gaming industry we want to shine a light on Black Salt Coreuption, a 3D fighting arena created solely by black developers.

Below is the press release for Black Salt Corepution written by co-creator Owen Ratliff, whose contact information is at the end of the article.

Black Salt Coreuption

Black Salt Coreuption: Brings diversity & inclusion to the video game industry for Black History Month

Black Americans touch many facets of entertainment, but when it comes to video games, they are more often consumers than creators, promoters, or distributors of the products.

Black Salt Coreuption

As large as the video game industry is, it is not as diverse as you would think. 83% of minority teens play video games, less than 3% make them. Owen Ratliff and Jesse Wright came together to create a minority-owned video game franchise, Black Salt Coreuption bringing diversity to this multi-billion-dollar gaming industry. Owen Ratliff stated that the Black Salt Coreuption game has been often called the Black Panther of video games to help bring more diversity and inclusion into the game industry. 

Black Salt Coreuption is a one-on-one 3D arena fighting game that allows complete freedom of movement around the arena rather than 3D fighters doing combat on a 2D plane. The Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game series is a combination of two comic book universes that collide to bring Black Salt Vs COREUPT, much like Marvel vs. Capcom. Ratti Entertainment, LLC created the Black Salt brand that started out as a comic book series that evolved into a film that received a deal from HBO and now into a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Co-creator Jesse Wright is bringing the popular world of the transmedia IP Black Salt to the world of mobile and console gaming with the game, Black Salt Coreuption, a mix of espionage and ancient martial arts. Helping Jesse see his vision through to the end is his mentor Owen Ratliff creator of the Black Salt franchise who has been there for every step of the creative process. 

Heading for a career in the NFL, Jesse had a promising future. After a near fatal heart condition, Jesse turned to his true passion, GAMING! Having been an avid game player for years, he worked in retail and distribution with GameStop. Owen and Jesse believe it is important that we showcase the diversity and empowerment of creating intellectual properties such as Black Salt Coreuption to young minority children so they can be encouraged to achieve these types of amazing accomplishments themselves. Esports is a dynamically growing industry that can provide college scholarships, educational enrichment, and a vast array of positive social, cognitive, and developmental STEM skills for children. 

Black Salt Coreuption has created a 100% tax deductible Special Black Salt Restricted Use Fund within The Varsity Esports 501(c)(3) Foundation to offer grants for students and schools in low income and disenfranchised communities to provide STEM learning through gaming.

If the gaming industry can begin to truly tackle diversity issues, they could create content that appeals to a wider audience, and better reflect the audiences that play their games. It is important that everyone join the diversity & inclusion moment in gaming by supporting the Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game launching on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Ratti Entertainment LLC is the production company for the Black Salt and Get Up Joe feature film franchise. The company specializes in taking independent comic book projects and turning them into transmedia intellectual properties. 

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