What does the Enter the Gungeon Prime Primer do?

Today we’re taking a look at one of the most asked questions when it comes to one of our favorite dungeon crawlers ever, Enter the Gungeon. It can take a while to get used to all of the items and learn the different Gungeon synergies, and the Prime Primer is one such item that you may have seen in the shop regularly but never quite got round to picking it up. 

Here we go through exactly what the Prime Primer does in Enter the Gungeon. 

What does the Prime Primer do?

You can buy the Prime Primer in the second chamber shop
You can buy the Prime Primer in the second chamber shop

In short, not a lot, at least initially. The Prime Primer is however one of the most important items in the game as it is one of the four essential items in the ‘Bullet That Can Kill The Past ’ quest. It costs 110 bullets in total and can be found in the shop of the second chamber of the Gungeon. It offers no passive or active ability, but its use is explained below.     


The Prime Primer must be taken to the 5th chamber of The Gungeon. The 5th chamber is The Forge and is the final floor needed to be beat in order to complete the pasts of each character. If you manage to get to The Forge with the Prime Primer, give it to the Blacksmith, the character who runs the shop on this floor. 

Along with the Prime Primer, you’ll also want to give the Blacksmith the Arcane Gunpowder (which is found in the Black Powder Mine), the Planar Lead (which is found in the Hollow), and the Obsidian Shell Casting (which can be obtained after beating the boss High Dragun). 

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What happens if I die after giving the Prime Primer away?

The Blacksmith runs the shop in the Forge
The Blacksmith runs the shop in the Forge

If you make it to the Blacksmith in the Forge and give her the Prime Primer, your job is done. Even if you die after doing this, the game saves your progress and registers that you have given the item away. Now you can refocus your energy on getting the other 3 items in the ‘Bullet That Can Kill The Past’ quest. 

Should I buy the Prime Primer every run?

Enter the Gungeon Gameplay
Enter the Gungeon Gameplay

This completely depends on the run that you’re on. If you think you can make it to The Forge without the 110 bullets it would cost you to buy the Prime Primer, then go for it. If you’re on a particularly weak run, though, and are trying to maintain a Gungeon streak, it might be best to use that money to buy yourself something that will help you survive for the current run, and save the Prime Primer for another time. 

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