How to Recruit Engineers in XCOM 2 – An Easy Guide

Hiring engineers in XCOM 2 is something that many players have had trouble with in the past, but once you know what to do it is actually rather simple. 

Read on to learn how to recruit engineers in XCOM 2.


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How to recruit engineers in XCOM 2

You should priortize hiring engineers in XCOM 2
You should priortize hiring engineers in XCOM 2

The first thing you should know about hiring engineers is that you don’t recruit them in the same way that you can recruit soldiers. Recruiting soldiers is easy, you simply have to go to the armory and click on the “Recruit” button. 

To recruit engineers in XCOM 2, though, you have to get them a different way. The way to get engineers and scientists is as a reward for completing missions. So make sure you check the Mission Completion rewards to keep an eye out for engineers and scientists.  

You can also check the Black Market, as a certain number of engineers are added each month. This is the only other way to recruit engineers in XCOM 2 unless you have the War of the Chosen expansion. In the expansion, you can recruit engineers through Covert Actions.

How to use engineers in XCOM 2 

You can get engineers as rewards for completing missions
You can get engineers as rewards for completing missions

Engineers are an important part of the Avenger, and players will need plenty of them if they want to improve the facilities on their aircraft. 

Each time you open up a new facility on the Avenger, an engineer will be required to clear out the area and make it suitable for the desired function. This can take a bit of time to complete but you can yield some nice results for your patience. 

You can also assign engineers to the Proving Ground, which is an area of the Avenger dedicated to Engineering Projects. If you recruit engineers to these areas, you can get some interesting improvements to Armor, Tech, and Weapons. 

How many engineers do you need in XCOM 2?

The Avenger Facilities
The Avenger Facilities

Engineers should be the highest priority of all staff members aboard the Avenger, and they are pretty much an essential part of any strategy in the game. To recruit engineers in XCOM 2 in the most optimal way, you must first decide on your game tactics. 

Having more engineers will allow you to construct certain items faster and cheaper. They are also essential for building uplinks to enhance satellite coverage. It’s probably also a good idea to focus your early game use of engineers on clearing rooms for construction as opposed to building new facilities right away (unless they are completely necessary). 

You may also want to consider getting a Gremlin, as it will reduce the amount of engineers you need aboard the Avenger. The Gremlin is a drone that acts as an engineer in the room in which it is deployed. The great thing about Gremlin’s, though, is that they also serve as engineers in the rooms adjacent to where it is deployed, meaning that a strategically placed Gremlin can act as multiple engineers all at once.  

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