The Hardest Streets of Rage Bosses: Ranked

Some bosses were easy, and some not so much. But which were the hardest Streets of Rage bosses in the Sega Genesis classic from 1991?

We’ve rounded up all 6 of the different bosses and ranked them from the easiest to the most difficult. Let us know if you agree in the comment section below. 


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6. Antonio

Antonio - Streets of Rage boss
Antonio – Streets of Rage boss

Antonio is most certainly the easiest boss in Streets of Rage. It seems that the developers used the Stage 1 (City Street) boss as a way to ease players into the game, or perhaps to give a false sense of security when you consider who the Stage 2 boss is. 

The only thing to look out for is his left-footed kick that can sometimes catch players unaware if they’re not taking him too seriously. More often than not, though, Antonio can be dispatched without issue and without receiving any damage whatsoever. 

5. Abadede

Abadede - Streets of Rage boss
Abadede – Streets of Rage boss

Abadede is another very easy boss, and any player with even just a little bit of experience will be able to dispose of him fast. In fact, he’s so easy that after defeating him at the end of Stage 3 (Beach Front), he comes back in duplicate form later on in the game on more than one occasion. Each time it is not a challenging fight. 

The easiest way to beat the underpants-wearing wrestler is to simply use your jump attack each time he charges at you with his clothesline attack. Rinse and repeat. 

4. Bongo

Bongo - Streets of Rage boss
Bongo – Streets of Rage boss

Bongo is a heavyset, fire-breathing bald man who can be a tricky customer at times. He only really has one move, which is to move diagonally across the screen breathing fire. But this move is quite hard to stop, and his fire attack overpowers any jumping attack that you may try to inflict upon him. 

Moreover, grapple throws are off the menu against Bongo, as his extra weight will make him simply fall on top of the player, crushing them with considerable damage. When it comes to the hardest Streets of Rage bosses, Bongo is definitely not one to be trifled with. 

3. Yasha & Onihime

Yasha & Onihime - Streets of Rage
Yasha & Onihime – Streets of Rage

Yasha & Onihime (sometimes referred to as Mona & Lisa) have the ability to thoroughly beat you up if they’re that way out. They are palette swaps of Blaze, and have more or less the same moveset. They are among the most powerful bosses in Streets of Rage, and some of their attacks can reduce a player’s health by up to 80%. 

They are hard to pin down and attack. As soon as they see you coming for them, they will enter a backflip animation which makes them invincible. One tactic to beat them is to let them come towards you whilst your back is turned, and then execute a back attack on them. This can take a while, but they won’t see it coming and eventually you can whittle down their health bar. 

These two are definitely up there with the hardest Streets of Rage bosses. 

2. Souther

Souther - Streets of Rage boss
Souther – Streets of Rage boss

A lot of my runs in the game ended after being confronted with Souther at the end of Stage 2 (Inner City). This tall, scratchy man fights with large clawed gloves and has a tendency to be rather annoying. 

Souther is immune to jump attacks, and as soon as the player attempts a jump, he will enter an attack animation that renders him temporarily invulnerable. The best way to beat him is to stay on your feet and avoid trading blows toe-to-toe. Instead, attack Souther whilst in grapple mode, and throw in a few suplexes for good measure. 

Two Souther’s appear at the end of Stage 6 (Factory), and they can be extremely tricky to overcome if you’re not completely tuned in. Souther is easily one of the hardest bosses in Streets of Rage

1. Mr. X

Mr. X - Streets of Rage Boss
Mr. X – Streets of Rage Boss

Mr. X is the leader of the principal crime syndicate in Wook Oak City. He’s also a fierce, gun-wielding villain who is undoubtedly the hardest boss in Streets of Rage, partially because of what you have to go through to reach him. 

Mr. X is also the only enemy in the entire game who brandishes a gun, and after making your way through all the stages to get to the Syndicate Headquarters, that’s the last thing you want to say.  

Beating him is tough, but it’s not impossible (see video below). That being said, It took me multiple attempts to finally defeat Mr. X, and it can be incredibly frustrating to fall at the final hurdle. For this alone, I have no qualms about placing Mr. X at the top of this list of the hardest Streets of Rage bosses. 

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For some tips on how to beat Mr. X, watch the great YouTube video below by Greenalink. They play the game far better than I could ever hope to!

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