The 5 Best PS4 Roguelike Games (2020)

4. Darkest Dungeon (2016)

Darkest Dungeon PS4 Gameplay
Darkest Dungeon PS4 Gameplay

When Darkest Dungeon was released for the PS4 back in 2016, it hit the roguelike community with a bang, and it’s easy to see why. This roguelike was the result of a Kickstarter campaign that resulted in Red Hook Studios raising over $300,000 to develop the game.

The first thing you’ll notice when playing Darkest Dungeon is how gloomy it feels. The artwork team did a great job of creating a dark aesthetic that, at times, is really quite chilling.

The player controls a group of heroes and warriors that are recruited using the facilities in the town page, from which the whole game revolves around. Each character has unique abilities and you can select the appropriate team before heading out to explore dungeons and gather loot and money.

The dungeons are procedurally generated and rooms within each dungeon are connected via hallways that the player moves between in a side-scrolling view. Every dungeon feels different and there are a multitude of enemies that you must cut your way through to progress.

If you’re looking for a title with a good mix of turn-based and real-time gameplay, look no further. Darkest Dungeon is a must-try for lovers of the genre and is one of the best PS4 roguelike games around in 2020.

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