How Long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

For me, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is easily one of the best open world RPG games of recent years and fully warrants the numerous Game of the Year awards that it received. 

Part of what made the game so good was the amount of content that Warhorse Studios provided. But exactly how long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Well, that depends on the difficulty, how much of the game you want to complete, and how easily distracted you become while exploring the stunning and vast environment. 

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How Long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Henry and Radzig - KCD
Henry and Radzig – KCD

Let’s answer this question quickly. If you are solely wanting to complete the main quest, it will probably take you about 30 to 40 hours to finish.

That being said, to complete all the side quests and read through all the extra historical info, you’re easily looking at 100+ hours to finish the game. 

The latter scenario is far more likely, too. Whether you’re into medieval style games or not, the world has a habit of sucking people in, and I’ve known people who started off dismissing the game after a few hours go on to sink 120 hours into the game. It’s not uncommon to hear of gamers logging between 150 to 200 hours in this game, too. It really depends on how you play the game. 

So, as you can see, with regards to the question of how long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? The answer is not so straightforward.

How many main quests are there in KCD?

There are 29 Main Quests to complete in KCD, starting with Unexpected Visit, and ending with the Epilogue

Aside from the main quests, there are 54 Side Quests, too. This doesn’t include the DLC content, either, which adds further side quests to the game. So far, the official DLCs for Kingdom Come: Deliverance are:

  • Treasures of the Past
  • From the Ashes
  • Tournament
  • The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon
  • Band of Bastards
  • A Woman’s Lot

How Big is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Map
Kingdom Come Deliverance Map

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance map is big, but it’s not that big. The map is around 16 km2 in total. This is small compared to other open world games such as GTAV and Skyrim, but there’s a lot to see in the world of KCD. The realism and scale of the game also make the game feel bigger than it is. 

Fast travelling from one marker to another is not as simple as pressing a button and relocating, it’s possible to get stopped by enemies along the way. Though many might not agree, I feel this is a unique experience to open world games that adds an extra layer of realism. 

Will there be a Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2?

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Henry of Skalitz
Kingdom Come Deliverance – Henry of Skalitz

There have been plentiful rumors about whether or not Warhorse Studios have been working on a sequel to the 2018 title. We know for a fact that they are already in the planning stages of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, but not much more is known other than that. 

It’s easy to speculate as to when a KCD sequel could drop, but in reality nobody really knows. I think it’s a safe bet to presume that we could be waiting a few years yet, though, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The longer it takes to make, the more polished it’s likely to be. We know that’s not always the case (see Cyberpunk 2077), but we’ll certainly be waiting for it with arms wide open in any case. 

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So, in short. How long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? 30 to 40 hours to complete the main quest line, 100+ hours if you want to complete the main story plus all of the side quests and DLC content. How long did it take you to complete KCD? Let us know in the comment section below!

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If you’re wondering how long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the cutscenes above will give you an idea what to expect!

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