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The Best MMO for the PS4 in 2020

What is the Best MMO for the PS4 in 2020?

It’s 2020 now and you’d expect that the MMO genre would be saturated with great new Triple A titles all competing against one another to be at the top of the pile. That doesn’t seem to be the case, th...

How to Defeat Sin in FFX

How to Defeat Sin in FFX

Sin is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy 10, and is a character with an interesting story arc, which anyone looking for how to defeat Sin will probably know already. You encounter Sin on multiple o...

For Honor Warrior Choice

Samurai, Viking, Knight – For Honor Warrior Choice

There are only a handful of games out there that have perfected the art of combat, and among them is the much beloved For Honor. In case you’re not familiar with the game, For Honor is an action video...

10 Defintive Tips for Death Stranding

10 Definitive Tips for Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s new creation has finally hit the shelves, and many players all around the world are confused about its mechanics. The game isn’t complex or too hard – it is just different. The un...

15 Best Weapons in Skyrim

The critically acclaimed FPS RPG Skyrim isn’t exactly new. Through many different platforms (too many!), Bethesda has offered all the fantasy, deep lore and huge exploration possibilities that have ce...

Final Fantasy VII Review

Final Fantasy VII Review (2019)

After including Final Fantasy VII on our recent list of the best steampunk games, and with the upcoming release of the remake in March 2020, we thought now would be a good time to revisit this classic...

8.8 Great
Syberia Review

Syberia Review

After including Syberia in our recent review of the best steampunk PC games, we thought that the game warranted a closer look. It is a relative unknown among most gamers, but there is plenty that this...

8.4 Great
The 5 Best Steampunk Games for the PC

The 5 Best Steampunk Games for the PC

We recently wrote about the greatest cyberpunk games available right now. Yet, another genre that is enjoying a mild resurgence of late is that of steampunk. Steampunk differs from cyberpunk in the se...

Remember Me Video Game Review

Remember Me (Video Game) Review

We recently posted an article about the greatest cyberpunk games available to play right now, but one game that just missed the cut was Remember Me. This game is heavily influenced by cyberpunk anime ...

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