The 5 Best Horror Games of 2023 to Play on Halloween

Best Horror Games 2023

Looking for a horror game to play this Halloween? Look no further. Here we’ve broken down the best horror games of 2023 for you to enjoy! Let us know in the comment section if you have any others to add to the list. 5. The Outlast Trials Developer: Red Barrels Platform: Microsoft Windows  Date of … Read more

10 Beginner Tips for DayZ: How to Get Better

Beginner tips for DayZ

DayZ is one of the best post-apocalyptic survival games around, but it’s also an unforgiving game that can prove frustrating for newer players who are learning the ropes.  It is a multiplayer game, but can be enjoyed solo – in fact, it’s perhaps a good idea to learn the ropes by yourself in the first … Read more

The 10 Weirdest Final Fantasy Enemies in the Entire Franchise

The 10 Weirdest Final Fantasy Enemies

The Final Fantasy series is home to some of the strangest and most unimaginable creatures found anywhere in the world of gaming. Some of them recur throughout the franchise, whereas others stand alone within a specific entry.  From Flans and Chocobos, to Cactuars and Malboros, you are sure to encounter some strange fiends along your … Read more

The 10 Best Medieval Strategy Games 

10 Best Medieval Strategy Games

Games in the domain of medieval strategy are sparse. Yet, the ones that we do have in the genre are typically very solid and well-rounded games. That being said, some are better than others.  We’ve had a go at rounding up the best ones. Here are the 10 best medieval strategy games around right now.   … Read more

5 Games Like Mount & Blade

Games Like Mount & Blade

Despite being released all the way back in 2008, Mount & Blade and its expansions still stand out from the crowd in the domain of medieval strategy games. The combination of real-time strategy and third-person combat is something which few games have been able to implement so successfully. Yet, though many games have tried and … Read more

How to Drop Weapons and Items in Enter the Gungeon – All Platforms

How to Drop Weapons and Items in Enter the Gungeon

Stuck on how to drop weapons and items in Enter the Gungeon? Don’t worry, it’s not completely obvious at first glance, but we’ll walk you through how to do it in this article.  Skip to the relevant section to see how to drop the items on your platform.  RELATED: 10 Beginner Tips for Enter the … Read more

All 3 Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Nest Locations – Days Gone

Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Nest Locations

Got stuck trying to find one of the Pioneer Cemetery infestation nest locations? Don’t worry, it seems like a fairly common problem in Days Gone.  To make life easier, we’ve mapped out the three nest sites for you, along with tips on how to approach each nest.  The Pioneer Cemetery is one of the first … Read more