How to Declare Independence in Tropico 5

Getting past the Colonial Era and declaring independence during your 5-year mandate can be tricky if you don’t quite know what to do. You need to gain independence in order to enter the next era in the game and progress further as a dictator.

Read on to learn how to declare independence in Tropico 5.


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How do you declare independence in Tropico 5?

Build the economy to keep the islanders happy
Build the economy to keep the islanders happy

Well, to put it simply, you just need to have majority support with the islanders (at least 51%). 

To do this, you’ll have to make sure that everybody has their needs catered for. This can include staying on top of things such as food, housing, entertainment, and religion, among other things. 

In order to make your people happy, the first thing you’ll have to do is build your economy. Make sure that you have lumber mills, plantations, ranches, and mines constructed in order to maximize profits. 

Other ways to increase your support include building an army, research (particularly Constitution), and completing all the quests that the Crown asks of you (unless it involves imprisoning revolutionaries). 

By converting islanders into revolutionaries, as opposed to royalists, there is also a greater chance of gaining a majority support faster, as they offer far more support for you as the governor. See the next section to learn how to get revolutionaries.

After you reach the 51% support threshold required to declare independence in Tropico 5 within the mandate period, you will see the option to declare independence near the Palace, allowing you to advance into the World Wars Era. 

TIP: Issue the Urban Development edict for $7,000 and go on a house building spree. Build the houses in a block around different amenities (Catholic Mission, Tavern, Newspaper, etc.) and the islanders will most certainly approve of your actions. 

How do you get revolutionaries?

Declare indpendence at the Palace when you can
Declare indpendence at the Palace when you can

A pro tip for increasing revolutionary support is to put all the Newspapers into independent work mode. It also seems to help to keep your population relatively small.

When you are given quests by the crown, take them on and ask for people as rewards. It is important not to take on quests that involve punishing revolutionaries, though, as this will decrease your revolutionary support greatly. 

What happens if my mandate runs out in Tropico 5?

Gain Revolutionary Support in order to declare indepence
Gain Revolutionary Support in order to declare indepence

If your mandate runs out, you will unfortunately not be able to declare independence. This will lead to the end of the game as you won’t have progressed beyond the Colonial Era in time. 

To check how long you have left of your mandate, there is a timer above the mini map in the bottom left corner of the screen. It is possible to extend your mandate by completing certain tasks and demands for the Crown, so it is advised to pay attention to what the Crown asks of you if you need some more time to get your approval rating up.  

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If you’re looking for how to build a colonial housing block, check out the great video below by Pinstar. If you buuld your houses like this, you’ll have a great chance of gaining revolutionary support from the people and will be well on your way to declaring independence.

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