How to get Tidus Overdrives in FFX

As the protagonist, Tidus is the character you’ll use more than any other in the game, so you’ll want him to become as powerful as possible. This includes making all of his overdrive (Swordplay) upgrades available, of which there are 4. 

Luckily, this is very easy. Read on to learn how to get Tidus Overdrives in FFX.


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How to get Tidus Overdrives in FFX

Spiral Cut

Tidus - Spiral Cut Overdrive
Tidus – Spiral Cut Overdrive

The first Overdrive in Tidus’ Swordplay ability is Spiral Cut. This Overdrive ability works through a count-down timer, which gives players a set amount of time to accurately press X when the moving cursor reaches the middle of the meter that appears once the Overdrive is triggered. 

Successfully hitting the button at the right time will lead to more damage. Bonus damage is also dealt for how much time there is left on the count-down timer. 

Spiral Cut deals damage to 1 enemy only. The animation involves Tidus performing a cartwheel and backflip before powerfully slashing the enemy. 

How to get Spiral Cut: Spiral Cut is available from the start of the game and doesn’t have any requirements to unlock. It is the default Overdrive for Tidus. 

Slice & Dice

Tidus - Slice and Dice Overdrive
Tidus – Slice and Dice Overdrive

Slice & Dice is the first unlockable Overdrive for Tidus. It is a powerful attack that deals 3 or 6 powerful blows to random enemies. If you are facing only 1 enemy, all of the attacks will be dealt upon them. 

Like Spiral Cut, Slice & Dice requires players to press a button at the middle of the meter with the moving cursor. Get this right, and Tidus will deal 6 attacks. Miss the target, and he will only deal 3 attacks. 

The animation for Slice & Dice shows Tidus running back and forth throughout the enemies, dealing a heavy sword attack each time he passes them. 

How to get Slice & Dice: To unlock Slice & Dice, all you have to do is perform Spiral Cut in battle 10 times. Once you do this, a message will appear at the top of the screen informing you that you have unlocked Slice & Dice. That’s the first hurdle in how to get Tidus overdrives in FFX. 

Energy Rain

Tidus - Energy Rain Overdrive
Tidus – Energy Rain Overdrive

Energy Rain is a powerful attack which deals heavy damage to ALL enemies. This is Tidus’s third Overdrive ability and involves Tidus springboarding off one of the enemies into the air and charging his sword before unleashing a devastating ray of energy on all of the enemies beneath him. 

How to get Energy Rain: To unlock Energy Rain, you must perform Tidus’s overdrives 30 times. Any combination of Spiral Cut and Slice & Dice will unlock Energy Rain.  

Blitz Ace

Tidus - Blitz Ace Overdrive
Tidus – Blitz Ace Overdrive

Blitz Ace is the final upgrade for Tidus’s Swordplay overdrive. It is an extremely powerful attack that deals eight devastating sword blows to an enemy, before firing a Jecht Shot as the final attack. 

How to get Blitz Ace: To unlock Blitz Ace, you have to perform 80 overdrives with Tidus. You can choose any combination of Spiral Cut, Slice & Dice, and Energy Rain to reach this number. 

Tidus’s Overdrive Timing

Tidus's Overdrive Meter Timing
Tidus’s Overdrive Meter Timing

Hitting the timer correctly is important for all of Tidus’s Swordplay Overdrive abilities. It will increase the damage dealt to enemies, and will deal additional damage depending on how fast you are able to execute it correctly. 

Missing the middle of the meter will lead to a less powerful or reduced number of attacks in Tidus’s overdrives. 

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