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There are only a handful of games out there that have perfected the art of combat, and among them is the much beloved For Honor. In case you’re not familiar with the game, For Honor is an action video game that was released back in 2017.

This game features one of the best combat systems, complete with a vast array of light and heavy attacks, graceful evasions, and deadly counter attacks. For Honor comes with 4 different warrior classes you can choose from which includes Samurai, Viking, Knight, and Wu Lin. But which warriors among them are the most effective and fun to play with? Read on to learn about the best For Honor warrior choice.

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For Honor - Samurai
For Honor – Samurai

Samurais are incredible fighters with a style of Japanese origin – they can very precisely cut their enemies in half in swift maneuvers with their sharp swords. Samurais are a great choice as a warrior because they can be a huge asset to your team. You can do different heavy and light attacks with them, but you’ll need to be very exact – one wrong move and you could take a lot of damage from the enemy. In For Honor, you will have to face some of the strongest enemies of all time and Samurais can be a great choice to deal with them.

There are 7 Different warriors in the ‘Samurai’ category which include Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, Nobushi, Shinobi, Aramusha and Hitokiri. All of these Samurais have their own unique style of fighting. All of these fighters have their own perks and cons.

Kensie is a great warrior with a wide approach, strong attacks and reasonably good defense, but takes a lot of time to launch a heavy attack which is a downside for them.

Shugoki is considered by many to be the worst hero of the game because he is too slow and there’s not much he can do to counter enemy attacks.

Orochi is an incredible assassin and her combat is even better, she is quick and deadly, and this combination makes her the most loved Samurai by many.

Nobushi is fairly a good fighter and she can do some serious amount of damage but fighting with her will feels like poking your enemies with a spear and I hardly believe you’ll enjoy playing with her.

Shinobi is a complete fighter with the right amount of attack and defense skills that will leave you in awe. Shinobi features many light and heavy attacks, along with long-range chain attacks that can completely dismantle the enemy.

Aramusha is an assassin/hybrid fighter who comes with two swords that can only do a limited amount of damage – and there are not many options after a counterattack, making him quite vulnerable in combat.

Last but not least, Hitokiri delivers the most heroic heavy attacks but his slow speed might be the biggest issue which makes him very vulnerable and open to counter attacks.

Best among the Samurai – Orochi


For Honor - Vikings
For Honor – Vikings

The Vikings are a class of Scandinavian warrior that were dominant throughout much of Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries. They are among the four factions in ‘For Honor’ and they are a force to be reckoned with. Vikings are ruthless attackers and hell raisers – and they can do a great deal of damage to their enemies using some iconic Viking-era weaponry. The Viking category features 7 great warriors that you can choose from. They are the Raider, Warlord, Berserker, Valkyrie, Highlander, Shaman and Jormungandr. All of them have their own unique style of combat that can be equally entertaining.

Vikings are truly the most ruthless, vicious, barbaric, and ferocious fighters that you will ever get your hands on. Yet, as with all the classes, they have their limitations.

The Raider can only be defined in one word – legendary. He can deliver some of the heaviest attacks and his light attacks are very brutal as well. He can also do a 360’ move that completely stuns enemies. Yet, despite his unique tactics, it takes a lot of time to launch a heavy attack and it can be a little distracting.

The Warlord can be best described as the old school Viking that features a sword and a shield in his hands and packs some reasonable headbutts and sprint attacks. Other than some good counters, though, there’s not much more to him.

The Berserker is the perfect fit for someone looking to deliver back to back heavy attacks accompanied by dodges and brutal counterattacks. There is not much uniquity to their combat, though.

The Valkyrie is a combination of an assassin/hybrid warrior who can get the job done with a deadly spear. She can deliver some pretty good heavy attacks and her light attacks are not too shabby, either. Moreover, she is among the deadliest warriors in the game and, if you giver her a shot, you will likely discover a new favorite.

The Highlander is a giant, equipped with a sword larger than himself, and is one of the most effective and brutal among all of the Vikings. The Highlander has two stances, defense and offense which makes him very unique and one of a kind.

The Shaman is very much similar to the Berserker, but they have some different tactics up their sleeves that can make you fall in love with them in a whole different way. The Shaman delivers many combos of heavy and light attacks and they are very decorated warriors.

Last, we have the mighty Jormungandr (Huge Monster in Old Norse) who is a brutal and fearless warrior equipped with a hammer-like weapon and can land some pretty heavy and deadly attacks. For many, though, the Jormundandr can feel slightly sluggish in attack and has the potential to be frustrating for the player.

Best Among the Vikings – Raider


For Honor - Knights
For Honor – Knights

The Knight is another faction in For Honor that you can enjoy as the player. They are the most disciplined warrior among all of the classes. Knights are equipped with a lot of armor and they can be a great asset to your team. The only thing these Knights are missing are the horses that they are usually associated with. There are 7 warriors in the Knight faction that you can play as – they are the Warden, Conqueror, Peacekeeper, Lawbringer, Centurion, Gladiator, and Black Prior.

All of these Knights have their own perks and cons. The Warden is famous for his great defense and counterattacks, and his height is a great advantage in the battle. His wide approach can also cut enemies into pieces from a mile away. Heavy attacks take a while to launch, but with a great defense system, the risk is worth taking. Other than that, there’s nothing extraordinary about the warden.

The Conqueror is a complicated character who has been a part of many controversies. The Conqueror is a lethal warrior that can deliver both heavy and light attacks with precision, causing great damage to the opponent. However, the Conqueror’s defense system is not too great at all – a major downside for this warrior.

The Peacekeeper is one of the best warriors among the knights. She can land heavy and light attacks with fast precision and accuracy, making her one of the most beloved warriors of the Knight Faction. Her low-n-quick maneuver makes her even more lethal and is one of the sharpest attacks across all classes.

With the Lawbringer, it’s all about timing your attacks, and landing heavy and light attack combinations. However, landing those combos sometimes feels more like watching it in slow-motion because they are extremely lethargic and, in truth, extremely annoying.

Next, we have the Centurion, who is famous for his three different heavy attacks that can destroy enemies in a instant. Yes, they are quite fast, so you don’t have to worry about their speed. The Centurion is easily among the most playable characters from the Knight faction and, indeed, across all the classes.

The Gladiator will give you some Aquaman vibes because he holds the same spear as him and dresses in a somewhat familiar fashion. The Gladiator can do good damage with his spear, using his unblockable heavy attacks and supplementing them with piercing jabs and light attacks. You will enjoy playing with this one.

Black Prior is a warrior that you’d be forgiven for not recognizing as a knight. His old raggy clothes suggest a less regal title, but that shouldn’t deceive you. The Black Prior comes with a sword and a shield with some brutal combos to dismantle your enemies. He can deliver lethal heavy, light, and counterattacks but lacks the ability to easily break the guard of enemies.

Best Among the Knights – Centurion

Wu Lin

For Honor - Wu Lin
For Honor – Wu Lin

Wu Lin is the newest playable faction in For Honor. The Wu Lin warriors are from the era of ancient China, and they move faster than the blink of the eye. Unlike the other factions, The Wu Lin only consists of 5 warrior choices, including Tiadi, Jiang Jun, Nuxia, Shaolin, and Zhanhu.

Wu Lin warrior provides unique gameplay that you won’t experience from any other faction and you will love their combat once you have played with them. Tiandi is unbelievably fast and can land combos of light and heavy attacks mixed with an extensive amount of dodges that will leave your enemies with a great amount of damage. Speed is the key when playing with Tiandi and it will take some time to perfect. It should be noted that Tiandi can be quite difficult when playing for the first time.

Jiang Jun can be best described as a combination of Berserker and Nobushi. A lot of Jiang Jun tactics are similar to them. Jiang Jun has a wide approach, lethal finishers, and strong attacks that help to chop enemies down from a distance. However, stamina might be an issue when you are playing with this character.

Nuxia features the best 3-hit chain attack in the whole game and it is a delight to behold. The most unique feature of Nuxia is that she can set traps for her enemies by confusing them with misdirections and launching a chain attack in the meantime. Despite her uniqueness, sprint attacks might be hard to land.

The Shaolin is a ferocious monk who is known for their disciplined combat. The Shaolin can launch an endless stream of chaos on enemies and can dismantle them with ease, providing they have the stamina. Yet, launching an endless attack chain could lead to less stamina and it could ruin the whole battle.

Finally, we have the mighty Zhanhu who is known for his long sword that can cut enemies from every direction in a single chain. Zhanhu has great tactics that can come in handy when you are facing the fiercest of enemies. Zhanhu features a variety of heavy and light attacks backed with great defensive stance that can really help with counterattacks.

Best Among Wu Lin – Tiandi

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