The Best Free Internet Games To Play Online In 2019

The Best Free Internet Games To Play Online in 2019
The Best Free Internet Games To Play Online in 2019
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Whether you’re looking to pass some time on your day off or work break, or just want to have some fun with some quirky free games, this list is for you. So, in no particular order, here are 10 of the best free internet games to play online in 2019.

10. Contre Jour

Contre Jour Gameplay

Contre Jour Gameplay

Contre Jour is a wonderfully addictive puzzle game with a neat aesthetic and soothing background music. The aim of the game is simple, you have to guide Petit (a tiny cycloptic blob) to the exit of the level. To do this, you can manipulate the ground with the mouse to roll Petit around, you can also swing from ropes and bounce from trampolines to get to your destination, different levels require different means.

Contre Jour is well worth trying out and it’s easy to get lost in this little universe. No doubt, this game is one of the best free online games for PC to play now. You can play Contre Jour online for free here.

9. The Very Organized Thief

The Very Organized Thief Gameplay

The Very Organized Thief Gameplay

The Very Organized Thief is a simple game in which you are placed inside a randomly generated house with a list of items. The aim of the game is to steal the items on the list before being subdued by the owner of the house. You can crouch, run, and even throw certain objects in your quest to remain undetected and steal the items.

The Very Organized Thief is great fun, and you can try it online for free here.

8. Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 Gameplay

Pandemic 2 Gameplay

Pandemic 2 is a great way to pass the time if you enjoy infecting entire populations with deadly bacteria, parasites and viruses. Joking aside, Pandemic 2 is perversely addictive and worryingly entertaining. Somehow you feel like an evil bond villain as you upgrade your diseases to be more resilient and carry more symptoms so that they can better infect the world’s inhabitants. Getting to Madagascar is always a challenge, though.

Play Pandemic 2 here and try one of the best free to play PC games around.

7. Ditto

Ditto Gameplay

Ditto Gameplay

Ditto is a really cool and fun free internet game. It is a platform puzzle game in which your character’s (a cat looking triangular blob with a cape) actions are mimicked by a shadowy doppelganger that allows you to reach certain locations by climbing obstacles in the mirrored environment.

The game is simple and effective and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Click here to play Ditto and enjoy one of the best free internet games to play online in 2019.

6. Doom

Doom Gameplay

Doom Gameplay

Doom really needs no introduction. Demons, guns, keycards, fire breathing blobs – it’s all here in this first-person shooter developed by id Software. On the Kongregate website you can play three entire levels for free, as you navigate a Mars military base as a space marine shooting your way to victory.

If you fancy a trip down Nostalgia Lane or, for those too old to remember its release, if you want to look at a pioneering and defining entry into the FPS genre, you can play Doom online here. It is certainly one of the best free internet games to play online right now.

5. Meat Boy

Meat Boy Gameplay

Meat Boy Gameplay

This free internet game is the predecessor to the hugely successful Super Meat Boy, and was created by the same developers of the awesome The Binding of Isaac. The aim of Meat Boy is to navigate your squishy square-shaped companion through various environments by bouncing off walls and jumping around obstacles in order to reach your pink friend to complete the mission.

This is definitely one of the best free internet games to play in 2019, and you can try Meat Boy for free here.

4. Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia - Gameplay

Prince of Persia – Gameplay

Who doesn’t love the original 1989 platformer Prince of Persia? The game is so iconic that it has spawned several remakes, sequels, and even a film by Walt Disney Pictures. Some even say that the Assassin’s Creed series is heavily inspired by Prince of Persia.

Set in ancient Persia, you play as the unnamed fair-haired, sword-wielding hero, who has 60 minutes to save the Princess from the dungeon in which she is incarcerated by a rogue vizier. In order to do this, you must jump, run, and fight your way past obstacles and guards, and even your own apparition.

Prince of Persia is a timeless classic and is also now one of the best free PC games in 2019 that you can try for free here.

3. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr Gameplay

GeoGuessr Gameplay

GeoGuessr is a really cool free internet game in which you are placed at a random location throughout the entire world and must navigate your way around for clues about your whereabouts before making a guess as to your you are located.

It sounds simple, and it is. The real enjoyment is the unpredictability of where you will be placed and getting to explore a location that you, most likely, have never been to and will never visit. Some are more fun than others, you may end up on a seemingly endless and monotonous road in Nova Scotia, or you could end up at a beautiful Temple in China, as the picture shows below.

The game requires an account but is entirely free to play. Click here to try GeoGuessr and enjoy a great free internet game to play online.

2. Humanoid 47

Humanoid 47 Gameplay

Humanoid 47 Gameplay

Humanoid 47 is a brilliantly artistic and vividly colourful point and click puzzle game that has the potential to captivate you for hours. It’s rare that a game manages to be so uniquely stylish, but Humanoid 47 does just that. The gameplay is, in all honesty, nothing ground-breaking – collect wheels and pipes from a room and find the correct place for them in another. Yet, the effort that was spent into making this game look so intriguing and mesmerising pays off, and Humanoid 47 is definitely one of the most fun free internet games around.

Play Humanoid 47 for free here.

1. Flow

Flow Gameplay

Flow Gameplay

Flow is a game that captivated many upon its release with its dreamy background music and beautifully smooth visuals. Think of it as an aesthetic throwback to the retro Snake game for old Nokia phones. The aim is to eat little blobs in order to evolve your swimming creature. The deeper you dive, though, the more likely you are to encounter weird and wonderful predators waiting to gobble you up.

Flow is one of the best free internet games in 2019, and you can play it by clicking here.

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