The Best Upcoming Real-Time Strategy Games

This year already surprised us positively with some excellent action-packed strategy video games, yet, more are coming. Although we are approaching the season of holidays, producers of video games are not showing any signs of slowing down. Plenty of exciting games are going to be released in the next month or two, and with those extra days off work around the holidays, you will have more time to handpick and test them as much as possible.

Make sure you have enough room on your wishlist, because we have created a list of some of the best upcoming real-time strategy games, and we also have release dates. For some of them, trailers are already available online, but for others, you will have to trust us. Fans of real-time strategies know that great things take time, and that is why we have been waiting for these games the entire year, they are like the cherry on the top of our gaming world.

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

Narcos Rise of the Cartel Gameplay
Narcos Rise of the Cartel Gameplay

As our first recommendation, we had to go with Narcos. If you are a fan of Netflix’s hit TV series Narcos, then you are familiar with the story about this highly dangerous drug cartel. If not, you have probably heard about it, or the name El Patron rings some bells. The release of this game came as a last-minute surprise since its release was not announced earlier during the year. 

This game will bring you back to Colombia in the ‘80s, to the time when the notorious El Patron ruled the Medellin Cartel. It is the story about his rise and fall. As a player, you can choose whether you are going to be on the side of the cartel or DEA. Conversations and battles are all based on real-life drug wars. You can create your own team, customize your character, upgrade its skills, and take part in combats. This game allows you to experience the war from both sides, so it is up to whether you want to take down the drug empire or become one of the narcos.

The expected release date is late 2019

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Gameplay
Phoenix Point Gameplay

The tale as old as time about saving our world from aliens now has a new twist. This time, we will be fighting against a terrible alien menace. The creators of the X-COM series have been delaying the release of their newest strategy for months now, and the latest information is suggesting that in December, this waiting game comes to an end. 

The mysterious alien creature contains DNA from multiple species, so it constantly mutates and changes its forms, in response to your attacks. So you never know what to expect and how your attack may end. Every mission requires a squad of at least four soldiers. Turn-based battles, high level of interaction, returning fire, skill trees, and great options for customization for every class of soldiers are only some of the perks of this action-packed strategy. Dynamic missions will take you through several different battle locations and involve you in combats with various monsters.

The expected release date is late 2019 / early 2020.

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress Gameplay
Dwarf Fortress Gameplay

The well known and almost legendary game, Dwarf Fortress, is now coming out on Steam. This new version is now more adjusted to new audiences and offers two modes, adventurer and legends. You can either operate as a single-player hero and go alone against a generated world or dedicate your time to build up a fortress and help your fellow dwarves to survive.

The more experienced players among you know that this game is a classic, dating all the way back to 2003, this game has been updated continuously since then. Dwarves tend to drink a lot of alcohol, so sometimes they can turn against others, or harm themselves. So overall, it is a funny old game we all love, and we are hoping that despite the issues its creators are going through, we are going to see it soon.

The expected steam release date is late 2019.

Desperados III

Desperados 3 Gameplay
Desperados 3 Gameplay

Creators of a great real-time strategy Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, have another hit series called Desperados, and hopefully soon, we are going to be able to try its third installment. This epic game is excellent for all players who are into western movies because it takes place in America during the 1870s.

As a player, you can control a band and take over control of up to five Desperados. Every mission can be executed through several paths, and there are multiple solutions. Enjoy fighting large groups of enemies through scenic scenery of Wild West, while carefully timing and planning your strategy.

The release date was initially announced for summer 2019, but hopes are still high for it to be released in late 2019 or early 2020.

A Year of Rain

A Year of Rain Gameplay
A Year of Rain Gameplay

Not a great game if you are suffering from meteoropathy. Jokes aside, this is something unexpected from the Daedelic company because they are mainly known for their point and click games. So, this is their first attempt to create a real-time strategy video game, and we welcome it. They have been working on this game for two years now, and after an early release on November 6th, we are now hoping that the final version is coming soon. Creators are relying on the feedback from the players and collected data to polish their firstborn RTS.

As a player, you can choose among two hero leaders and run one of three factions. The design is faithful to the RTS, while team-play resembles MOBA ones. You can also go solo if you are not into group missions. One concerning thing is that this game is leaning towards Esports, which can be a warning sign, but let’s not judge a book by its cover, because the core premise sounds promising. 

The release is expected at the beginning of 2020.

Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2 Gameplay
Xenonauts 2 Gameplay

The X-COM’s throne is shaking, and there are more and more new contenders waiting to conquer it, and the Xenonauts threatened seriously to take over the first place. Xenonauts 2 is announced as a real-time strategy game in which you can lead a multi-national army of soldiers that are on a mission to save our planet from invading aliens.

And you may think, oh it is another people vs. alien story, and it is, but it is way better than the others. With the ability to have very detailed strategies, you can control smaller military groups, and coordinate them to defend your planet. Various realistic battlefields are fully destructible, and the combat is so deep. The research tree is far broader than in the first version, so you can now unlock new enhanced equipment and aircraft while progressing through the game. Your soldiers can also grow, and you can observe their transformation from rookies to well-experienced tough veterans.

We are expecting to get the official release dates soon.


Neverdark Preview
Neverdark Preview

This post-apocalyptic game takes us to the near future in 2030 when a global blackout occurs, and the world we know turns into one giant mess. The collapse of society caused wars, and people struggle to survive. People formed enclaves, and each one has its own idea of how to reorganize and rebuild modern society. From religious cults to bands and groups of bike riders, it is a new diverse world, and each group wants to dominate it.

This RTS game is pausable, so you can take a break while leading your group of survivors. Fighting against other factions for control over the city will be your daily job, as well as tactically expanding your influence over other parts of the town until you are able to take full control. You can choose between real cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris. They are all ruined and in chaos. Real landmarks such as the Louvre museum can also be spotted. You have to thoughtfully and strategically make your moves in order to defeat other factions.

The expected release is at the beginning of 2020.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it seems like an exciting winter season is ahead of us. If you are not a fan of winter sports, you can definitely find some fun while playing some of these upcoming RTS games. We have something “old” such as the Dwarf Fortress that has been around for years, and we also have something completely new and unexpected coming from creators who are making their first-ever RTS, such as A Year of Rain. Various strategic battles against alien creatures are now almost considered as a classic theme; still creators never fail to surprise us with new twists and creativity, so clearly, this topic is going to be trending for quite some time. These games are coming out soon, so be patient just a little bit, and have a fun Holiday season.

All these and so many more are coming our way in the upcoming year and I’m really excited about them but what about you? Let us know in the comment section below!

That’s it folks!

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