Top 5 Slay the Spire Tips for Beginners

Slay the Spire is a roguelike deckbuilding game that burst onto the gaming scene in late 2017 and received widespread critical acclaim. It’s easy to see why, too, as no two runs are the same and there is seemingly endlessly potential for new experiences.

It’s fairly easy to be average at Slay the Spire, but becoming good at the game may require some strategic thinking and a bit of know-how. Hopefully this article can set you on the right path. Here are 5 Slay the Spire tips for beginners. 

5. Choose the Right Cards

Slay the Spire Combat
Slay the Spire Combat

This may seem like an obvious point for a roguelike deckbuilder, but it is not as black and white as it seems. Oftentimes, newer players tend to have an idea of the type of powerhouse they want to become throughout the run and pick cards early on to suit an eventual build. 

In the same vein, you’ll want cards that form nice synergies and work well together, 

In reality, though, the game rarely lets you have exactly what you want. Instead, it is better to choose the best cards available at the time and work from there. That doesn’t mean take any card though. Skip cards that aren’t important for your deck and sell weak cards (such as Strike and Defend cards) at the shop once you’ve found better ones. 

4. Keep the Right Sized Deck

Slay the Spire Deck Size
Slay the Spire Deck Size

Having a good sized deck is always going to be a good thing, but in this case, bigger does not necessarily mean better. There are so many sub-par cards in the game that you’ll want to keep the size of your deck to a minimum in order to increase the likelihood of drawing your stronger cards when you need them the most. Focussing on better and more synergistic cards is a far better tactic than hoarding cards in large numbers. 

That being said, it’s not a hard and fast rule. You shouldn’t avoid decent cards just to avoid going over an arbitrary number of deck size. Rather, the size of your deck should correlate with your current progress in the game and your current situation.

For Slay the Spire beginners, the same mantra applies to the previous tip – skip or sell weak cards that you encounter throughout the run.  

3. Check the Map

Slay the Spire - Map
Slay the Spire – Map

One of the most common Slay the Spire tips that is avoided by beginners is to simply check the map.  Be mindful of the route you are taking at all times. 

You should try and plan to get to as many elite fights and campfires as possible en route. Also pay attention to where the shops are. If you have enough money to make it worthwhile, a detour for a big spending spree can help your run greatly. At the same time, if you don’t have the funds, avoid a shop in favour of other rooms in the hope of acquiring powerful loot. 

Be mindful of your route to the boss, too, as well as who the boss is. What cards will you need to beat the boss, and which route will give you the best chance of obtaining these cards. In terms of the map, you have to find the right balance between thinking top-down and bottom-up.  

2. Energy Relics

Slay the Spire Relics
Slay the Spire Relics

Whenever you’re presented with the opportunity to choose a relic that gives you energy, you’d be wise to take it. Being able to draw an extra card with that energy may be the difference between victory and defeat. 

There is one instance that you’ll want to ignore this advice, though, and that it is when you’re presented with the Velvet Choker. It can be good at times (such as most occasions you’re playing Ironclad), but most of the time it can ruin a lot of runs due to the limitations on the number of cards you can play per turn. Instead, you should look out for Ectoplasm, Cursed Key, Philosopher’s Stone, and other similar relics in Slay the Spire

1. Block!

Slay the Spire - Defend Card
Slay the Spire – Defend Card

Perhaps the most important tip for new players is to use the Block ability as much as possible. Early on in the game this is most likely going to be through Defend, Deflect, or Survivor cards. Combat is turn-based so you will have ample time to choose the best card for the moment. 

It’s important to learn early on that defence is the best form of attack. It will always be better to guard yourself from incoming attacks rather than to take a few big hits from the enemy whilst trying to dispatch them quickly.  

It should be worth noting that there are a few scenarios where this won’t be the best approach. For instance, if you come up against a Cultist, you’ll want to take them out as quickly as possible – this enemy gains strength every move, so it’ll be best to take a few hits from them unblocked in exchange for using powerful offensive cards to get the win quick. 

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