What is the FFX Eternal Calm?

Regular readers of this blog will know that FFX is our favorite Final Fantasy game. The character dynamics, the combat system, the visuals and variety in the world – everything about this game is great from start to finish. 

There are some things related to the game, though, that can get confusing. One question that is commonly asked is what exactly is the eternal calm in FFX. Read on to find out. 

FFX Eternal Calm – Explained

Yuna at Besaid Beach
Yuna at Besaid Beach

In short, Final Fantasy Eternal Calm is a cutscene that was released as a bonus DVD in accompaniment to the game and was included in the remastered version for the PlayStation 3 and 4.  

The cutscene servers to explain the gap between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. If you haven’t completed FFX yet, you’ll want to do that before watching the movie. 


A lot of people choose to insist that Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t exist and, despite having some great gameplay, I’m inclined to agree. That being said, here’s what happens in the clip to segue into X-2

Set two years after defeating Sin, Yuna is practising holding her breath at the beach in Besaid in order to become better at Blitzball. Wakka comes to the beach and praises Yuna for her diving ability. 

Wakka Watches Yuna Play Blitzball
Wakka Watches Yuna Play Blitzball

Yuna responds by implying that Wakka will always be the true Blitzball pro even if he has got a little chubby. She adds that his chubbiness is despite him not being the one carrying the baby, hinting that Lulu and Wakka are set to be parents together. 

At the Besaid Temple, an elderly man named Tasgio seeks Yuna’s advice about the direction his grandson is taking after joining the Youth League. Yuna tries to reassure Tasgio that everyone is working towards building a better Spira, despite different approaches. 

In the following scene, Wakka tells Yuna of a marriage request from the son of the Chairman of New Yevon, a request that she declines. She also refutes an invitation from the Youth League. 

The scene shows Yuna, Rikku, and Wakka aboard a ship. We learn that Lulu is still in Besaid and that Khimari is living at Mt. Gagazet. Rikku shows an ancient sphere to Yuna showing a character that strongly resembles Tidus. She is determined to find out who the man is, and this sets up the story for Final Fantasy X-2

How long is the FFX Eternal Calm?

Tasgio's Assembly with Yuna
Tasgio’s Assembly with Yuna

The cutscene lasts for around 15 minutes. The first half of the clip predominantly features Yuna and Wakka, but there are appearances from Rikku and a figure that resembles Tidus in the second half of the cutscene. 

Watch the full FFX eternal calm clip below. 

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