13 Of The Best Upcoming Horror Games in 2021

With Halloween around the corner, the horror genre will enjoy its annual time in the spotlight as gamers look for the best thrills and jumpscares they can find. We thought we’d look a bit further ahead, though, and check out some of the new horror games expected in 2021. 

Buckle up, because even reading about some of these titles will be enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Here are 14 of the best upcoming horror games in 2021.

13. GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo Gameplay
GhostWire Tokyo Gameplay

GhostWire: Tokyo looks like a truly awesome game. The only reason that it isn’t higher in this list is because it feels more like an action game with horror elements as opposed to an out and out horror game. 

From what we’ve seen so far in the trailer, GhostWire: Tokyo looks set to be a huge hit when it’s released in 2021 for Windows and PS5. Developed by Tango Gameworks, the spooky action game will be played from first-person perspective and follows a character with karate-like magic abilities as they explore the paranormal side of Tokyo. 

To read more, check out this preview of GhostWire: Tokyo by PC Gamer. 

12. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Gameplay
Dying Light 2 Gameplay

The long awaited sequel to the hugely popular survival horror game Dying Light has been delayed on a number of occasions by Techland with no current release date on the table, though it is widely expected to be released in 2021. 

Despite this, though, Dying Light 2 looks like it will be worth the wait. The delay to the game’s release means that the developers will have been able to fine tune any potential issue with the game, and thus could be a big one for the next generation of consoles. 

As with the original, parkour features heavily in Dying Light 2, as the player must traverse the city in order to avoid hordes of undead assailants. If you like your horror to be combined with action, this may be one of the best new horror games in 2021 for you. 

11. Observer: System Redux

Observer System Redux Gameplay
Observer System Redux Gameplay

Observer is widely regarded as one of the best psychological horror games to be released in recent years, so you can imagine how excited people were to find out that it will be rebooted with additional content for the next generation of consoles. 

Observer: System Redux will largely be the same as its predecessor, but with updated gameplay mechanics and improved visuals. The Bloober Team have also created three new missions for players to enjoy too. 

System Redux takes one of the best cyberpunk games around and turns it into one of the best upcoming horror games of 2021.  

10. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Gameplay
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Gameplay

Bloodlines 2 is a first-person action-horror game developed by Hardsuit Labs. It is the sequel to the 2004 game Vampire: The Masquerade and is based on a tabletop game of the same name. 

Set in Seattle, Bloodlines 2 follows a human that recently transformed into a vampire following the Mass Embrace incident. As a lesser ‘thinblood’ vampire, the player-character is looked down on by his contemporaries. By upgrading your character, the player eventually joins one of Seattle’s five powerful vampire clans. 

Look out for this new horror game in 2021. 

9. Quantum Error

Quantum Error Gameplay
Quantum Error Gameplay

After the recent announcement that Quantum Error will be available for Xbox Series X, horror aficionados on all platforms can look forward to the upcoming cosmic-horror game developed by TeamKill Media. 

Quantum Error follows a group of firefighters to a coastal Californian research facility. They are tasked with saving lives, but things go south fast, and not everything is as it appears. 

The gameplay looks akin to the Dead Space series, and the aesthetics have a similar feel to DOOM 3. When married together, Quantum Error looks set to be a big upcoming horror game and is likely to make waves upon its release. 

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