The 7 Best Games Like 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is an open world survival horror game that was initially released in late 2013. In truth, it is still one of the best survival games out there, and many that have tried to replicate it have fallen far from the mark. 

Yet, there are still some great survival games out there that are at least as good as it. Here are the best games like 7 Days to Die. 


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The Best Games Like 7 Days to Die

7. Rust

In Rust you wake up naked on a beach and must survive
In Rust you wake up naked on a beach and must survive

Developer: Facepunch Studios, Double Eleven

Platform: macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4

Year of Initial Release: 2018

Rust is a multiplayer survival game that takes place in a hostile open world environment where players try to take each other down in order to survive. It sounds brutal, and it really can be. 

In Rust, you have to be mindful of your health parameters – stay well fed, keep warm, and watch your stamina levels whilst in the water. You also have to be aware of the wildlife that surrounds you, with wolves and bears being a particular threat to your existence. It’s the other players, though, who will be both your biggest asset and danger.

If you’re looking for the best games like 7 Days to Die, Rust is a good place to start. It is challenging, rewarding, good-looking, and smooth. It should be noted that the community has a reputation for being quite toxic, so be mindful of that if you are looking to get started. 

Buy Rust on Steam.  

6. DayZ

DayZ - PC Gameplay
DayZ – PC Gameplay

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Year of Initial Release: 2018

What started as a mod for ARMA 2 has turned into one of the best zombie survival games around. Set in the fictional Chernarus, the main goal of DayZ is to stay alive for as long as possible in the midst of a zombie outbreak that pits players against the raging undead. 

Find supplies, clothing, food, and shelter along the way, and look out for weapons and firearms that make defending yourself a bit easier. You can make friends (or, most likely, enemies) with other players throughout your journey, too, and this is one of the game’s best aspects. There are times when the generosity of strangers has really got me out of a pickle, but most of the time you can expect a fight. 

All in all, the DayZ community is a nice one, and this is definitely one to try if you’re in the market for games similar to 7 Days to Die

Check out the DayZ homepage here

5. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid PC Gameplay
Project Zomboid PC Gameplay

Developer: The Indie Stone

Platform: Java, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Year of Initial Release: 2013 (still in alpha stage)

In the interest of full disclosure, when I first played Project Zomboid I went into the game expecting not to like it. There was something about the isometric viewpoint and basic aesthetic that I thought would limit the immersion. Fortunately, the game proved me wrong. 

Project Zomboid is one of the most in depth survival games around. There is so much to do that it’s truly surprising how cheap you can pick the game up for. One of the coolest aspects of the game is the Trait system, which dictates what skills and perks your character has. The thing is though, you must balance positive and negative traits in order to have any. For example, if you want the Locksmith perk to be able to break into doors easily, you may have to take on the negative Trait of being a smoker, meaning that your character will have another parameter to be mindful of whilst trying to negotiate survival. 

At the moment, it’s more of a single player game, but there are plans to greatly expand the multiplayer mode in the near future. This is one that you’ll not want to miss if you’re a fan of survival games, and it’ll definitely scratch that itch if you’re looking for games like 7 Days to Die

Visit the Project Zomboid homepage for more info. 

4. Conan Exiles

Explore the vast world of Conan the Barbarian
Explore the vast world of Conan the Barbarian

Developer: Funcom

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Year of Initial Release: 2018

If you’re looking for games like 7 Days to Die without zombies, then Conan Exiles could be the one for you. This is a prehistoric survival game that explores the canon of Conan the Barbarian through the lens of a customizable player character. 

By using the natural resources in the biomes you find yourself in, players need to stay on top of hunger and thirst levels, and will need to keep an eye out for hostile enemies that include the NPC wildlife and other players. 

The more you play, the more Experience points you will gain. This is how you progress in the game. Experience points allow you to augment your combat, crafting, and gathering skills, and soon enough you’ll become a survival expert with a large base to monitor and manage. 

Download Conan Exiles on Steam

3. The Long Dark

Look out for dangerous wildlife in the Long Dark
Look out for dangerous wildlife in the Long Dark

Developer: Hinterland Studio Inc.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Year of Initial Release: 2017

For many, The Long Dark is the most realistic survival game around. It is also one of the best. This is a first-person survival game that tries to be as true to real life as possible. There are no fantasy elements, and you must only learn how to survive against the cold, dark, hunger, and wildlife. I say only, but this is actually extremely challenging. 

It’s likely you will die a number of times before getting the hang of things, and for this reason I’d recommend doing the campaign mode first. It is both engaging and illuminating. 

The Long Dark has a great sense of atmosphere, too, in a way that the other games like 7 Days to Die aren’t able to replicate. If you are looking to get completely immersed in a survival experience, this could be the one for you. 

Download The Long Dark on Steam.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved

Developer: Studio Wildcard

Platform: PC, PS4, Xboc One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Year of Initial Release: 2017

Ark Survival Evolved PC Gameplay
Ark Survival Evolved PC Gameplay

As action-survival games go, Ark: Survival Evolved is up there with the cream of the crop. It truly is an incredible game and if you’re looking for games like 7 Days to Die that don’t have zombies, I would highly recommend this. 

After finding yourself stranded on a mysterious island crammed full of primeval creatures and fantastical beasts, you must learn to negotiate the harsh environments by killing or taming animals, gathering food and resources, and building shelters. The building aspect of Ark is particularly impressive, and I have seen some rather phenomenal bases. 

Some people say that there is an awful lot of grinding, with very little to show for it at the end. While I can see the point, it’s still very satisfying playing with a group of friends and navigating your way to a state of surviving and thriving. 

Download Ark: Survival Evolved on Steam.

1. Valheim

Valheim PC Gameplay
Valheim PC Gameplay

Developer: Iron Gate AB

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux

Year of Release: 2021 (early access)

Valheim is a truly beautiful survival game experience that can be enjoyed both as a single-player and as a multiplayer. If you’re not bothered about zombies, this is the best game like 7 Days to Die you can find. 

Survival has never been so fun as you build, craft, fight, and explore your way through the harsh open world. There are both PvE and PvP aspects, and making friends in the game is incentivized if you want to make survival as easy as possible. 

You can develop vast viking settlements, build and sail ships to explore the seas, and craft weapons and armor using the finest resources available. At present, the community is a friendly one, and it is a great time to get into the game if you’re looking for a new survival game to sink your teeth into.  

Download Valheim on Steam.

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