The 10 Weirdest Final Fantasy Enemies in the Entire Franchise

The Final Fantasy series is home to some of the strangest and most unimaginable creatures found anywhere in the world of gaming. Some of them recur throughout the franchise, whereas others stand alone within a specific entry. 

From Flans and Chocobos, to Cactuars and Malboros, you are sure to encounter some strange fiends along your journey. But which are the strangest? Read on for our list of the 10 weirdest Final Fantasy enemies and, as always, let us know your take in the comment section below!

10. The Unknown 

The Unknown - Final Fantasy 7
The Unknown – Final Fantasy 7

The Unknown are a group of grotesque monsters that appear in Final Fantasy 7. The beasts are a result of scientific Shinra biological experiments that led to a number of deformities and abnormalities. 

There are three different forms of the beast. Unknown 1 (pictured above) is a multicolored head with claws and a freakishly long tongue that it uses to attack. Unknown 2 is a skeletal creature with abnormal breath and protective spines akin to that of a sea urchin. Unknown 3 is a winged beast with poisoned fangs and a creepy touch. 

9. Ozma

Ozma - Final Fantasy 9
Ozma – Final Fantasy 9

Ozma is a celestial looking monster that appears in Final Fantasy 9 in the Chocobo’s Air Garden. This giant, vibrant ball of energy is far more dangerous than it first appears and can easily dispose of your party should you be ill-equipped. 

Ozma can inflict Death, Holy, Flare, and Meteor on its opponents, among other things. It is also self-healing. One way to dispose of it quickly, though, is to carry some Dark Matter with you and throw it at the hostile sphere. 

8. Heavy Tank

Heavy Tank - Final Fantasy 7
Heavy Tank – Final Fantasy 7

Heavy Tank is a half-tank, half-triceratops monster who appears at the Gongaga Reactor in Final Fantasy 7. It is a weird looking creature, made stranger by the lack of backstory to it. How did this biomechanical experiment come about?

They are high on HP and deal devastating physical attacks. Although they are intimidating in appearance, this dinosaur-machine hybrid shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Cloud and co. That being said, it’s still one of the weirdest Final Fantasy enemies of all time.

7. Anima

Anima and Maester Seymour - Final Fantasy 10
Anima and Maester Seymour – Final Fantasy 10

Anima is a summonable Aeon from Final Fantasy 10 that first appears as an enemy alongside Maester Seymour during the blitzball tournament in Luca. 

Anima is split into two parts – both of which are rather unbecoming. Her top half is a chained aquatic looking beast with her Fayth hanging around her neck. Anima’s bottom half is a furry demon-like beast with claws, horns, fangs, and all other demony things that make her one of the strangest enemies in Final Fantasy history. 

6. Humbaba

Humbaba and Terra - Final Fantasy 6
Humbaba and Terra – Final Fantasy 6

Humbaba is one of the many beasts released by Kefka in Final Fantasy 6 after the villainous jester initiated the cataclysm and brought about the beginning of the end of the world. 

For something so supposedly apocalyptic in nature, there is something quite comical about Humbaba to me. Maybe it’s his ginormous ogre-like torso contrasted against the tiny, straw-like legs. Or perhaps it’s his goofy goblin face. Either way, Humbaba is easily one of the most comical and weirdest Final Fantasy enemies around. 

5. Gighee

Gighee - Final Fantasy 7
Gighee – Final Fantasy 7

Fewer times have I laughed so hard as when I was first confronted by this pink unicorn-like beast with spiky blonde hair and needle-thin legs. 

Located in the Northern Cave of Final Fantasy 7, Gighee will always appear alongside the equally ridiculous Christopher, a prancing jester who plays music to to inflict damage on Cloud and the party. 

Despite Gighee’s weird appearance, watch out for its Sun Diver move, as it could leave you one party member down. 

4. Cactuar

Cactuar - Final Fantasy series
Cactuar – Final Fantasy series

Cactuar is one of the most commonly recurring enemies throughout the Final Fantasy series. Typically, they will have low HP, deal high damage, and yield a high amount of Gil upon defeat. 

In appearance, the Cactuar is an anthropomorphic cactus wearing a constant shocked expression. Its limbs also appear to be permanently in running form, even when the creature is stationary. 

Look out for the 1000 needles attack, it can sometimes be enough to see off your party entirely!

3. Gerogero

Gerogero - Final Fantasy 8Gerogero - Final Fantasy 8
Gerogero – Final Fantasy 8

Not only is Gerogero one of the weirdest Final Fantasy enemies, it is also one of the most horrifying. In fact, the beast was so grotesque that it was partially censored for the international version of Final Fantasy 8 (in which it appears), with the protruding organs being changed to blue instead of red to appear less realistic. 

Gerogero is the true form of the Fake President Deling, and the beast will morph from the decoy when enough damage has been dealt. You’ll wish it didn’t, though!

2. Exdeath (Tree Form)

Exdeath (tree form) - Final Fantasy V
Exdeath (tree form) – Final Fantasy V

Exdeath is the main villain in Final Fantasy V. Initially, he appears as a knight and is fought twice in this form. Later on, though, you get to experience Exdeath’s true tree form, and that’s when things get strange. 

Exdeath is found in the Interdimensional Rift and can attack with a variety of physical and magical abilities. In its final form, exdeath appears as a gigantic cephalic tree with abundant gruesome teeth and a grotesquely dense root structure. It’s not often that you get to fight a tree, and the whole experience makes Exdeath one of the weirdest enemies in Final Fantasy.

1. Hell House

Hell House - FF7 Remake
Hell House – FF7 Remake

Out of all the weirdest Final Fantasy enemies, Hell House tops the list for me. When all is said and done, fighting a house will never not feel strange, and both the iterations in Final Fantasy 7 and FF7 Remake offer wonderfully bizarre experiences. 

The Hell House has a concealed form and a released form, the latter of which reveals a set of mechanical limbs and thrusters which can unleash powerful physical attacks. In the original Final Fantasy 7, Hell House can be seen as a challenging foe that can be defeated given the right approach. In FF7 Remake, though, Hell House is seen as one of the hardest bosses in the game that is the source of great frustration and has, no doubt, caused one or two chucked controllers during the battle! 

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