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Stuck on how to drop weapons and items in Enter the Gungeon? Don’t worry, it’s not completely obvious at first glance, but we’ll walk you through how to do it in this article. 

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Drop Weapons and Items in Enter the Gungeon


PC Recommended Gungeon Settings
PC Recommended Gungeon Settings

To drop weapons in Enter the Gungeon on the PC using the default controller settings, Hold the F key until your chosen gungeoneer drops the weapon beside them. 

To drop your Active Items, Hold the G key down until the item is placed on the floor next to you. It is also possible to drop Passive Items. To do this, bring up the menu and then Hold the TAB key and select the Passive Item that you want to discard.     


Top drop weapons in Enter the Gungeon on the PS4, Hold DOWN on the D-Pad until the weapon is dropped on the floor beside you. 

To drop Active Items, Hold UP on the D-Pad 

To drop Passive Items, hold L2 to bring up the map. Keeping your finger pressed on L2, use the Right and Left D-Pad buttons to select the Passive Item you went to drop, then Press Triangle to drop the selected Passive Item. 

Xbox One 

To drop weapons and items in Enter the Gungeon on the Xbox One, Hold DOWN or UP, respectively, using the D-Pad. 

To drop Passive Items on the Xbox One, hold LT to open the map, use the left and right directional buttons to select the item you want to drop, and then Press Y to remove the selected Passive Item from your inventory. 


To drop weapons on the Nintendo Switch, Hold DOWN using the D-pad. To drop Active Items, Hold UP using the D-pad. 

To drop Passive Items, open the map menu by holding down ZL, then select the unwanted item using the Left and Right directional buttons and Press X to remove it from your gungeoneers item collection. 

Sell Creep

Sell Creep - Enter the Gungeon
Sell Creep – Enter the Gungeon

Hidden away in the sewers of the Gungeon is a weird-looking green creature known as Sell Creep. Found in many shops and in special rooms in the Hollow, the Sell Creep will allow you to take full advantage of dropping weapons and items in Enter the Gungeon.

In exchange for your unwanted items, Sell Creep will reward you with shells. The higher quality the item, the more shells the green sewer monster will give you.

S-tier quality items fetch 54 shells, whereas D-tier quality items will sell for 16 shells. Junk can also be given to the Sell Creep in exchange for 3 shells. 

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