Ark Survival Evolved – Where to Find Metal

We recently wrote about how to hatch eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved, and today we have another article to help out those new to the survival game. We’ll talk about how to get one of the most important resources in the game – metal.

Metal can be used for ammo, base building, saddles, and various other things in the game, so it is important to know where to acquire it. Without wasting any more time, read on to learn where to find metal in ARK

Where do I get metal in ARK?

Volcano, the Island Map
The Volcano – The Island Map

There are various places to find metal in the game. The following is a list of some of the most resource rich places where you can fill your boots with all the metal you can find. 

Find Metal on The Island Map

The Volcano

One of the most metal-rich locations on the Island is the Volcano, and if you can get inside the Volcano to the Throat of the Flame you’re gonna be in for a productive resource-gathering time. Other resources you can find there include Crystal and Obsidian. If you’re not comfortable venturing inside the heart of the volcano, you can also find metal around the sides of the mountain, too. 

The Red Peak

The next good place to find metal on the Island is right at the centre of the map (~55 Lat, 52 Lon) on The Red Peak, which is located in the middle of the Redwood Forests. This place is abundant with metal and you’re bound to come away with a good supply from here, including rich metal rocks. The icing on the cake is that it seems like a relatively safe area, too, with not many predators around. 

The Red Peak - centre of the Island
The Red Peak – centre of the Island

Far’s Peak

In the north east of the Island (~31 Lat, 78 Lon) you’ll find a huge mountain that is a great spot for farming metal. It can be found all the way up the mountain, but you may want to take a flying creature out with you to reach the top as it is not the easiest place to get to. 

Far's Peak metal location
Far’s Peak metal location

Whitesky Peak

The final place on The Island where you’ll find lot’s of metal is at Whitesky Peak in the snow biome. It’s hard not to find metal in this area and you’re likely to stumble upon it even if you’re not actively trying to find it. 

Whitesky Peak - North west of the Island
Whitesky Peak – North west of the Island

Find Metal on the Scorched Earth Map

Metal is fairly abundant on the Scorched Earth Map, but there are certain locations where you’ll have better luck than others. Try the following locations to find metal. 

Eastern Badlands

As with The Island Map, most of the metal hotspots on the Scorched Earth map are located on raised terrain and mountainous areas. The Eastern Badlands is a great place to start looking, as there are lots of rocky hills, all of them containing a generous amount of metal. 

Metal in the Eastern Badlands
Metal in the Eastern Badlands

Northern Mountains

Another great place to locate metal in Scorched Earth is at the peaks of the Northern Mountains, particularly on top of the eastern most mountain. You’ll also find Obsidian here, so you and your pickaxe will likely be in for a busy time. 

Find Metal on the Crystal Isles Map

The Crystal Isles map can be quite dangerous with some ferocious creatures roaming around large parts of land. There are some relatively places to collect metal, though. Here they are. 

Copper’s Peak

Right at the centre of the Crystal Isles map (~Lat 55, Lon 52) you’ll find Copper’s Peak. This is one of the best places to find metal and is easy to find. Whilst you’re here you can also farm some Chitin, Hide, and Keratin from the local creatures. 

Copper's Peak Metal Location
Copper’s Peak Metal Location

Halcyon Plains

In the lower part of the Halcyon Plains (~38 Lat, 68 Lon) you’ll get to one of the most metal rich places on the map. You’ll have to be careful here, though, as there are a multitude of creatures that might come after you if you let your guard down. On rare occasions, you may even encounter a Rex dwelling here. 

Metal in the Halcyon Plains
Metal in the Halcyon Plains


Perhaps the best place to find metal on the Crystal Isles is within the Desert Savannah, which is located directly south from Copper’s Peak. If you’re in need of some other resources, you’ll also be able to get your hands on some Cactus Sap, Silk, Crystal, and various other things, too. 

Metal in the Desert Savannah
Metal in the Desert Savannah

How to get Metal in ARK

There is no complex trick to getting metal in ARK. All you need is your trusty pickaxe and a bit of time. With your pickaxe equipped, simply hack at the metal or other resource that you want to acquire and it will transfer into your inventory. The size of the resource will dictate how much you’re able to get from a single unit. 

Metal is an extremely valuable resource in ARK, and once you’ve got plenty of it you’ll be able to start building some nice armor, guns, shelters, saddles, and all kinds of different useful things to aid in your survival. 

Using the Pickaxe on Crystal
Using the Pickaxe on Crystal

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