5 Free Games Like RuneScape – But Better?

RuneScape is a great game, there’s no disputing that. In fact, you could argue that is a unique experience within the MMORPG genre. That being said, there are plenty of similar games to RuneScape that you may enjoy if you’re a fan of the classic. 

The games on this list all have their own charm, but will give you that fantasy MMO kick that you may desire. Here are 5 free games like RuneScape to play right now. 

5. Eldevin (2013)

Eldevin MMO Gameplay
Eldevin MMO Gameplay

Eldevin is a charming MMORPG with a distinct style, smooth visuals, and a relaxing gameplay style that has the ability to completely immerse the player into the world. 

In terms of games like old school RuneScape, Eldevin definitely has that old school graphic style that doesn’t take itself too seriously, while still being charismatic enough to keep players engaged.  

With around 200 different skills to choose from 6 ‘Talent Trees’, you can mould your character to suit your preferred gameplay style, and engage in different strategies depending on your foe at the time. 

In addition to an impressive PvP combat system, there are hundreds of quests to be found throughout the world as you travel through a universe of dungeons, cities, and other vibrant environments. 

Developer Hunted Cow are onto a winner with this indie MMO, and while it may not be updated as much as some of the mainstream titles in the genre, they do a good job of keeping things fresh and exciting for their fanbase. 

Play Eldevin online free

4. Ultima Online (1997)

Ultima Online gameplay
Ultima Online gameplay

Ultima Online (commonly known simply as UO) actually predates RuneScape, and many believe that UO was the inspiration for a lot of ideas that went into RuneScape.

The main strength of UO is its depth. This game has unbelievable depth and the combinations of skills that players can devise enables players to experiment with their own playing style or to use the set templates that are widely known in the game. Either way, you’re in for a treat in that department. 

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Another way in which UO is a strong contender as one of the best free games like RuneScape is the community that it has. Not only are the different UO communities vibrant and well populated, but they are also experienced and, like a fine wine, have matured in wonderful ways over the years. It seems there’s always someone willing to help out for newcomers to the game and, conversely, there are a whole host of seasoned gamers who can provide a helping hand once you get a bit more advanced in the game. 

The PvP aspect can be brutal at times, particularly if you’re on UO Outlands, but once you get the grip of things, the reward is well worth the time put in getting to a decent level. 

All of this, combined with a phenomenally devised lore, and the fact that the game is free, Ultima Online is undoubtedly a solid choice for people looking for games like RuneScape

Play Ultima Online for free.

3. Mabinogi (2004)

Mabinogi online gameplay
Mabinogi online gameplay

If you happen to be a fan of both RuneScape and anime, Mabinogi may be just the game for you. Developed by devCAT studio, Mabinogi is a charming MMORPG that allows you to live a fantasy life with your unique self-created character. 

The sense of community in the game is its biggest pull, and there is much content (not only combat) that enables you to interact with the Mabinogi population and experience the friendliness of the online community. 

The character customization in Mabinogi is another one of its great strengths. You are not bound by a specific class from the outset. Rather, you can assign your ability points as you please upon levelling up and hone your skills based on how you feel is the best way to develop as you progress. 

Mastering the elements, becoming a master of archery, or reaching the heights of alchemy are just a few of the ways you can choose to play the game. If you get lonely throughout your travels in Erinn, you can also find company in one of the many pets available in the game. Just note that, although there are free pets available, paying a bit more grants you an incredibly varied selection. 

Mabinoki is certainly one of the best free games like RuneScape available right now, and it’s hard to summarise how good the game is. You simply have to try it to believe it. 

Play Mabinogi online for free

2. Albion Online (2017)

Albion Online Gameplay
Albion Online Gameplay

Albion Online is a free MMORPG developed by the German game studio Sandbox Interactive. With the game now being free-to-play, Albion Online offers a lot of fun and the medieval fantasy setting provides a rich environment for the game. 

Grinding and levelling up in the game is rewarding and provides a good balance of skill and patience. The PvP is competitive, and it can be incredibly exhilarating to loot some high quality equipment from felled foes. 

The developers ran into criticism when the game was first released, with a lot of people feeling that you could only get so far without purchasing extras. This is something that has got better over time, and it is certainly possible to reach the high levels for free. Granted, you’ll get there faster with premium items, and those who do want to get there faster will be contributing to the maintenance of the game, too. 

For those who prefer the PvE aspect of MMOs, Albion Online has good variety. It’s fairly easy to be good at it, but mastering PvE requires some skill – you may have to plan how you’ll tackle a dungeon in order to get through it in the most efficient way. 

All in all, Albion Online is a great choice for those looking for games like RuneScape, and is well worth trying if you’re looking for a medieval fantasy MMORPG. 

Play Albion Online for free

1. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Gameplay
Black Desert Online Gameplay

If you’re looking for a really great MMORPG game to play, you can’t do much better than Black Desert Online. There’s no denying that the audience is divided when it comes to BDO, but this may help to scratch that RuneScape itch you can’t shake. 

To address one issue right away – many people think that BDO is a pay-to-win game, but that really isn’t the case. You can pretty much have a complete MMO experience for free in BDO, with the exception being access to pets. There are some pets available for free (Kalis’ Delphi, Bartali’s Buster, etc.), but to access a wider variety you’ll have to make a purchase, albeit a small one. 

BDO has excellent PvE and PvP, with the former allowing you to tackle more challenging enemies as your level progresses throughout the game, and the latter providing a nice opportunity to test your newly looted gear out with fellow players. 

Other pros for BDO – it has great combat (perhaps the best within the MMO genre), excellent character customization, impressive visuals, and a vibrant and friendly community. 

BDO is certainly one of the best games like RuneScape to try right now.

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Perhaps, nothing can quite live up to Old School RuneScape, but it never hurts to try something new.  You may also want to check out some of the best free RPG games for the PC.

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  1. ddo gets boring after a while. Too many restrictions, too few adventures. Worse though is the MMO aspect, like jack o lanterns during october, ice skating during the winter, etc. It breaks the 4th wall too often and rather than feeling like I’m in d&d adventure, it’s more like a d&d fan club. I don’t like that, at all. It ruins the atmosphere. Like if you’re at a concert and your mom calls whining about you continually leaving the garage door open.

    • Haha, love that analogy! I agree that BDO is less enjoyable now than it used to be and I get your point about the 4th wall. A part of me still loves the game though. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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