The 5 Hardest Mario Kart Tracks Of All Time

Over the years, Mario Kart has no doubt been the cause of many a damaged controller as drivers have gone off course and fallen off cliff edges into lava, ice water, and the abyssal unknown. 

But what are the hardest Mario Kart tracks of all time? Rainbow Road, Vanilla Lake, Moonview Highway – the list goes on. We’ve tried to condense it down to the top 5 hardest tracks in the game. Let us know if you agree in the comment section below!


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5. Banshee Boardwalk (N64)

Banshee Boardwalk N64
Banshee Boardwalk N64

Anyone who’s played Mario Kart 64 will have expected to see this one on the list. It is most certainly one of the hardest Mario Kart tracks in the franchise. 

From the haunting Boos, the thick cloud of bats, and the ginormous flying piranha, there are a number of obstacles put in place on the course to scare you off the track. Nine times out of ten, it’s likely that you’ll end up falling off the narrow wooden platform into the abyss at least once during a race. 

Yet, Banshee Boardwalk has that special something that makes you want to return to the track. Be it the spooky atmosphere, the catchy music, or the considerable challenge of winning, this difficult Mario Kart track will always be a favorite for the N64 entry to the franchise. 

4. Moonview Highway (Wii)

Moonview Highway Wii
Moonview Highway Wii

Moonview Highway seems to divide opinion on whether or not it’s one of the most difficult Mario Kart tracks. Some find it easy to maneuver their way around the speeding cars, others tend to get flattened by them at seemingly every opportunity. Unfortunately, for me at least, I am in the latter camp. 

Despite it being one of the hardest Mario Kart tracks, it is still a very fun track to race. From timing the boosters, to the few moments where you do successfully evade traffic, Moonview Highway is one of the most rewarding tracks to win. 

3. Dragon Driftway (MK8)

Dragon Driftway MK8
Dragon Driftway MK8

Dragon Driftway is the most recent track in this list, and was part of the great Mario Kart 8 that was first released in 2014 for the Wii U. The main reason why Dragon Driftway is one of the hardest Mario Kart tracks is because the turns are extremely difficult on 200cc mode. In fact, sometimes it feels almost impossible. 

That being said, it is also one of the best Mario Kart tracks. Everything from the design, music, and track obstacles just works. If there’s any tracks that are worth mastering, then Dragon Driftway is certainly one of them.

2. Vanilla Lake 1 (SNES)

Vanilla Lake 1 - SNES
Vanilla Lake 1 – SNES

The first Vanilla Lake track that shows up in 1992s Super Mario Kart is extremely difficult. Basically, you skid around on ice for a couple of minutes trying to avoid the snow that drastically slows you down. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

If that’s not hard enough, there are also snow mound obstacles littered around the course that bring you to a virtual halt every time you bump into one. 

Vanilla Lake is definitely one of the hardest tracks in Mario Kart history, and one that I personally never fully mastered. 

1. Rainbow Road (Wii)

Rainbow Road Wii
Rainbow Road Wii

I’m sure many would have seen this coming up. Rainbow Road is a track that divides opinion. There are those who struggle to stay on the track for longer than 30 seconds before falling into the black abyssal nothingness, and then there are those who seem to glide along happily wondering what all the fuss is about. I fall into the former camp, fortunately for my opponents. 

Yet, despite the difficult turns and the sharp twists, there is something truly mesmerizing about Rainbow Road on the Wii. No matter what the outcome, it keeps you coming back for more. Be it the vibrant color explosion, the catchy music, or the deep satisfaction of getting it right, what makes Rainbow Road the hardest Mario Kart track also makes it one of the best tracks of all time. 

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