How to Clean Clothes in RDR2 – 3 Easy Methods

Whether you’re on the way to the nearest saloon, going for a session with Lenny, or heading to the wilderness to hunt some grizzly bears, you want Arthur to look his best and won’t stand for even the slightest bit of dirt on your attire. 

Don’t worry, learning how to clean clothes in RDR2 is an easy process. It’s worth learning, too, as the NPCs around you will react to you based on your level of cleanliness. Read on for an easy guide to cleaning clothes in Red Redemption 2


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How to clean clothes in RDR2

Hunting isn't really conducive to the clean and well-pruned lifestyle
Hunting isn’t really conducive to the clean and well-pruned lifestyle

There are a couple of ways to clean clothes in RDR2, and they’re incredibly easy. Just choose one of the options below and you’ll be spick and span in no time. 

Visit a hotel or saloon with a bathroom

One of the best ways to clean your clothes in RDR2 is to have a bath at one of the many available bathing facilities found throughout the map. They are usually found in saloons or hotels. The first one you are likely to encounter in the story mode is in Valentine, at the hotel opposite the saloon. 

Go for a swim in the wilderness 

If you’re out hunting with no bath or hotel in your near vicinity, you can always just go for a swim in the wilderness. 

You’ll never be too far from a stream, river, or lake in RDR2, so if you get a little muddy crouching around in the wetlands trying to find the perfect shot on those alligators, just take a dip in the water afterwards to wash away all the dirt. 

Select a new outfit from your saddle

Perhaps the easiest way to clean your clothes is to select an outfit that you have previously saved to your saddle. 

To do this, simply approach your horse and activate the saddle wheel menu. Scroll to the desired outfit you want to change to and select it. The outfit you change into will be clean, so you won’t need to visit a bath or nearby water body. 

This even works if you select the same outfit that you are currently wearing.  

How do you clean clothes in RDR2 Online?

It’s not possible to clean clothes in RDR2 by going for a bath. The other options will still work, though. So if your character gets dirty, either go for a dip in a nearby river, or change your outfit by using the wheel menu on your horse’s saddle. 

Do clothes matter in RDR2?

Arthur in need of a good clean
Arthur in need of a good clean

In RDR2, you’ll want to wear the appropriate clothes for the biome that you’re in. Wearing summer clothes in the snowy mountains will cause Arthur’s health to drain faster due to the chilly weather. Likewise, wearing winter clothes in the New Austin desert will completely sap your stamina levels. 

Clothing also affects how NPCs will react to Arthur throughout the game. People will likely turn up their nose at you if you’re strolling around town caked in mud. This is why it’s important to know how to clean clothes in RDR2, you’ll get a better reception from those around you. 

Some clothes also provide stat buffs when you are wearing the full outfit. One of the best outfits is outlined in the next section. 

What is the most expensive outfit in RDR2?

Legend of the East Outfit
Legend of the East Outfit

The most expensive outfit in RDR2 is the Legend of the East outfit. It is also one of the best looking and has some incredible stat boosts. Deadeye, Eagle Eye, melee defense, and weapon degradation stats (among others) are all augmented when the full Legend of the East outfit is equipped. 

Unlocking this outfit isn’t easy, though. To get the Legends of the East outfit you must complete all of the single-player challenges (Banditry, Herbalist, Survivalist, etc.). 

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