The 10 Best Binding of Isaac Synergies

The Binding of Isaac is a contender for our favorite game ever here at Blog of Games. For many others, too, it is the go-to game that people play when they are undecided on what to select from their back catalogue of games. One of the reasons why The Binding of Isaac is so addictive is the multitude of synergies available in the game. Even now, after five-plus years of playing the game consistently, we are discovering new run-winning synergies that make the game so compelling.

Despite being released in 2011, this roguelike video game (designed by Edmund McMillen) has gained a cult following that seems to be growing exponentially. Indeed, no two runs on the game are the same, and the different capabilities of each character make it feel different every time you load a new game. Some runs, admittedly, are better than others – most likely because of a game-breaking synergy. The efficacy and attractiveness of each synergy are subjective, however, and that’s part of the appeal of the game. That being said, here’s our list of the 10 best Binding of Isaac synergies.

10. Pyromaniac / Kamikaze

Pyromaniac and Kamikaze Synergy
Pyromaniac and Kamikaze Synergy

This synergy is only so low in the list because it is incredibly rare to find these items on the same run. Pyromaniac renders your character immune to any explosive damage and heals your red hearts when taking damage from an explosion. Kamikaze is an active item that allows you to trigger an explosion at any point. Put the two together and you’re about to have crazy amount of fun with near-complete immunity.

Simply walk to an enemy, pull the trigger, and watch them disintegrate into nothingness. It’s also handy for getting into secret and super-secret rooms. It is worth noting, however, that this synergy should be avoided with The Lost.

9. Monstro’s Lung / Ludovico

Monstro's Lung and Ludivco Synergy
Monstro’s Lung and Ludivco Synergy

The Ludovico technique is a love it or hate it item, but there are some synergies that make it a truly win-running carry. One such synergy is that of Monstro’s Lung and Ludovico. Monstro’s lung is another divisive item, mainly due to the huge tear delay that comes with it.

When combined with Ludovico, however, this delay becomes a thing of the past. Now, you can watch your big mass of red tears travel around the room destroying anything in their path. This is a powerful combination and certainly one of the best synergies in The Binding of Isaac.

8. A Lump of Coal / Tiny Planet

Lump of Coal and Tiny Planet Synergy
Lump of Coal and Tiny Planet Synergy

The effect that a Lump of Coal has on tears is simple. The longer your tears travel, the more damage they do. This makes Tiny Planet the perfect synergising item for a Lump of Coal. The Tiny Planet item makes your tears orbit Issac in a circular pattern, travelling a fair bit of distance in the process and leading to some immense damage when combined with a Lump of Coal.

To further augment this synergy, look for soy milk, angelic prism, and/or mutant spider. All the better if you can find all these items together, just be warned that the ensuing chaos may not be safe for people with epilepsy.

7. Soy Milk / Dr Fetus

Soy Milk and Dr Fetus Synergy
Soy Milk and Dr Fetus Synergy

Soy milk and Dr Fetus are both items that polarise the Isaac community. Indeed, both of them have the ability to either make or break a run. When you find them together, though, they will most likely make the run. Seeing Isaac spew out bombs at the rate of a rapid-fire machine gun is rather satisfying and, with a bit of practice, you can learn how to place the bombs in a way that won’t lead to self-harm.

This synergy becomes even better with pyromaniac and other bomb augmentations. Mr Mega, in particular, can make the combination of these items one of the best Binding of Isaac synergies in the game.

6. Tech X / Spoon Bender

Tech X and Spoon Bender Synergy
Tech X and Spoon Bender Synergy

Everybody loves Tech X and it is one of the most sought out items in the whole game. It seems like there is no item or run that Tech X doesn’t improve. In fact, this whole list could have involved Tech X at every number, but that would be boring. Instead, we wanted to focus on one of the better synergies that you can find with this item.

Spoon Bender is our favourite synergising item with Tech X because, not only does it look phenomenal with its pink glow, it does a devastating amount of damage and increases the likelihood of hitting your targets tenfold. If you can add brimstone into the mix, then your run will become a little OP, to say the least. For us, this is one of the best Binding of Isaac synergies, but let us know your favorite Tech X synergies down below.

5. Mom’s Knife / Unicorn Stump

Mom's Knife and Unicorn Stump Synergy
Mom’s Knife and Unicorn Stump Synergy

When combined with Mom’s Knife, the Unicorn Stump is one of the most powerful items in the whole game. This combination effectively renders you immune for each room, depending on how fast you can clear it. The only reason this isn’t higher is that it can get a little boring after a while.

To improve this synergy, add any orbital and you can increase your damage enormously. The Sacrificial Dagger is a particular favorite of ours to add to the mix.  

4. Brimstone / Tammy’s Head

Brimstone and Tammy's Head Synergy
Brimstone and Tammy’s Head Synergy

One of the most sought out synergies in The Binding of Isaac is the combination of Brimstone and Tammy’s Head. It’s easy to see why, too, as this combination can easily clear most rooms in an instant. Tammy’s Head also has the benefit of being a one-room charge item, meaning that you will have the ability to activate it upon entering any new room.

This would be higher in the list but, as with the previous synergy, Tammy’s Head and Brimstone can become a bit samey after a while, particularly if you find the combination early on in the run. That being said, it always puts a smile on our face when we can put the two together to wreak havoc on Mom and her cronies.

3. Tiny Planet / Tech 0

Tiny Planet and Technology Zero
Tiny Planet and Technology Zero

Tiny planet is admittedly one of our least favourite items to find in the game. It shoots tears in a circular pattern from Isaac’s head making it difficult to target particular enemies. Yet, one synergy that makes this item incredibly fun is with Tech 0.

with Tech 0, whenever more than one of Isaac’s tears are active at the same time, they are connected with a powerful laser beam. When combined with Tiny Planet, this can lead to Isaac being surrounded by a number of cross-firing lasers that effectively render him immune to contact damage. If you can find soy milk to add to the synergy, the fun is increased tenfold.

2. Ludovico / Brimstone

Ludovico Technique and Brimstone
Ludovico Technique and Brimstone

A lot of people dread getting Ludovico technique in their run, but with the right supplementary item, Ludo has the potential to be one of the most powerful items in the whole game. For us, the best synergy is with brimstone. Not only does it look cool, but being able to manipulate a huge circle of fire can deal tremendous damage to your enemies and can quickly clear a room.

If you throw in some extra damage to your stats, then you’ve got yourself a won run. This is undoubtedly one of the best synergies in The Binding of Isaac.

1.     Habit / Battery / Car Battery / Dull Razor

Isaac Invincibility

This synergy is the ultimate invincibility synergy. We first learned about this from the Olexa YouTube channel and have since utilised its power to complete The Lost and The Forgotten runs with relative ease.

The Dull Razor is an item which allows you to take damage without actually taking damage. When this is combined with the Car Battery, The Battery, and Habit, it allows you to consistently press the space bar item to trigger the damage animation, rendering you immune to any incoming attacks. In theory, this should work without the battery item, but the synergy only works when you have all four items in your possession.

Dealing damage with this invincibility synergy requires you to have an orbital or some other item that enables you to deal damage when hit (such as Varicose Veins or Curse of the Tower). This allows for some very peculiar and rarely encountered synergies.

This may not be the most attractive synergy of all, but it is most certainly the most effective. Because of this, we don’t hesitate to place it at the top of our list of the best Binding of Isaac synergies.

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