What is the Best Class in Dragon’s Dogma? The Top 5

Dragon’s Dogma is one of the most underrated RPGs of the past decade and often goes under the radar when people talk about games in the genre. 

For those that do know it, though, the fun is endless and repeatable, largely owing to the diverse class system that provides unique play styles for each vocation, and the different builds you can experiment with. But which is the best? This is subjective, of course, but I’ve attempted to have a go. When choosing the best classes, I factored in the strength of the build, the amount of fun to be had whilst playing it, and the potential replay value. 

Here is our take on the best class in Dragon’s Dogma.

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5. Strider

Strider - Dragon's Dogma
Strider – Dragon’s Dogma

The Strider vocation was the first class that I played in Dragon’s Dogma, so perhaps it’s position in the top 5 is a slightly biased one. That being said, the Strider build is great for those who like to mix ranged skills with swift melee attacks. 

The Strider is pretty standard, but some of the skills are ridiculously cool and there are some nice light armor sets to be found, too. Some stand out abilities include the Mad Dash, which allows you to quickly make your way around a battle, and Ensare, which traps smaller enemies to the ground and can make killing those annoying Direwolves and Hellhounds a walk in the park. The Double Vault skill also makes scaling heights easier and way more fun. 

Look out for the Brain Splitter skill, too, as it is one of the most overpowered moves in the entire game. It is an upgrade from the Helm Splitter attack, and requires a Strider’s Band or Strider’s Ring to be equipped in order to use it. This easily makes the Strider a contender for the best class in Dragon’s Dogma.  

4. Fighter

Fighter - Dragon's Dogma
Fighter – Dragon’s Dogma

The Fighter vocation is a versatile class with multiple skills to choose from. If you want your Arisen to have offensive and defensive strength in equal measure, this might be the vocation for you. 

You won’t move as fast as a Strider or an Assassin, but you won’t be as cumbersome as a Warrior. You’ll also have the ability to block attacks, as opposed to just dodging and evading them. In fact, the use of the shield with a Fighter is one of its best attributes. 

You can tank with skills like Shield Summons, attracting all enemies to you to let your pawn companions take them out. Alternatively, you can use your shield to break the defense and cause damage to your opponent with Shield Strike

You’ll also have some great offensive skills at your disposal, most notably the Full Moon Slash, which will deal damage to multiple enemies at once, and Dragon’s Maw, a swift but powerful sword slash with high knockdown power. 

When you consider that this vocation also has the best looking armor sets in the game, the Fighter is easily up there as one of the best classes in Dragon’s Dogma. 

3. Mystic Knight

Mystic Knight - Dragon's Dogma
Mystic Knight – Dragon’s Dogma

Playing as a Mystic Knight gives you the perfect blend of physical and magical skills. You can choose to get up close and personal with your enemy, or keep a distance to deal devastating magic attacks. It is one of the three hybrid vocations in Dragon’s Dogma, meaning that it is a combination of two other classes. The other two hybrids are Magick Archer and Assassin. 

One of the best things about the Mystic Knight is that you can easily adapt to each enemy, taking on a different role as required. 

The Great Cannon is a powerful skill for the Mystic Knight. It creates a magical orb that spawns homing missiles on enemies when it is hit. When you combine this with Perilous Sigil, your enemies are in for a world of hurt. 

There are other great skills available too, with the likes of Abyssal Anguish and Holy Fortress. Whichever build you choose, the Mystic Knight is a good contender for the best class in Dragon’s Dogma. 

2. Magick Archer

Magick Archer - Dragon's Dogma
Magick Archer – Dragon’s Dogma

It can take a while to warm to the Magick Archer vocation, but when you do it is easily one of the best classes to play. In this role, you’ll always keep your distance from the enemy, but you’ll get to decide whether to use that distance to support or attack. 

There are so many abilities to choose from as a Magick Archer, and it really is a unique playstyle for MMOs. In fact, one of the drawbacks is the abundance of skills to choose from, it’s very easy to get choice paralysis!

Ricochet Hunter is a great skill to have, as it fires a lightning bolt that is capable of ricocheting off obstacles up to 20 times, with the damage of the bolt becoming greater with each ricochet. You also have access to the Great Ward Arrow, which grants powerful buffs to the Arisen and his pawns, and can be the difference between victory and defeat. 

If that’s not enough, get your hands on the Immolation skill and melt nearby enemies to oblivion. Without a doubt, the Magick Archer is one of Dragon’s Dogma’s best classes. 

1. Sorcerer

Sorcerer - Dragon's Dogma
Sorcerer – Dragon’s Dogma

For me, the Sorcerer is the best class in Dragon’s Dogma. This isn’t a controversial opinion, either. Many people love playing as a Sorcerer, and it’s easy to see why. 

As a Sorcerer, using magic will be your only way of influencing battles in the game, but that’s fine. In fact, it’s better than fine. Dragon’s Dogma has so many magic skills available to Sorcerers that it never becomes tiresome. The fun is endless. 

It’s true that playing as a Sorcerer can take a bit of time to master, but if you like this game then you are sure to not want things to be given to you on a plate. When you do master it, you’ll likely utilize High Maelstrom, which deals Dark damage to foes within range, and High Gicel, an ice attack that deals devastating damage to enemies. 

There are many, many more skills to choose from as a Sorcerer, and it’s probably best to feel your way through it, depending on your playstyle. I’ve tried multiple builds as a Sorcerer, and have never got bored. For me, the Sorcerer is the best class in Dragon’s Dogma. 

What is the best Vocation for a Pawn in Dragon’s Dogma?

Grigori - Dragon's Dogma
Grigori – Dragon’s Dogma

There isn’t really a right answer to this question. If you’re comfortable being the magic dealer in your party, you may want to have pawns that focus on powerful attacks whilst you buff them from afar. 

From my own personal experience, diversity is key. I always have a Mage and a Warrior two of my pawns. That’s not to say they are the best, it’s just that they are classes that I struggle to play as myself, so I let the AI do a far better job than I could ever do. Striders are also useful companions as they can help with both close combat and attacking from afar. 

The best way to choose your pawns is to experiment with different ones depending on your class. Not only will you get the best combinations, but it’s also incredibly fun to find your favorite playstyle!

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