Best Perfect Dark Guns (N64)

Perfect Dark is somewhat of a forgotten gem for the N64 these days, but at the time it was a very popular game. For good reason, too. As FPS games go, Perfect Dark is one of the best and most pioneering games of all time. 

Anyway, that’s by the by. Here we’re gonna focus on the guns of the game. Of which there are some spectacular ones. But which are the best? Read on for our completely subjective list of the best Perfect Dark guns. 


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10. Falcon 2 (Silencer)

Falcon 2 Silenced - Perfect Dark
Falcon 2 Silenced – Perfect Dark

Sometimes it’s just really fun to go around pretending to be James Bond with a cool-looking silenced pistol, one-shot killing enemies for extra effect. 

The Falcon 2 is actually one of the most common guns in the game, but when you add a suppressor it really elevates the fun.  

9. Psychosis Gun

Psychosis Gun - Perfect Dark
Psychosis Gun – Perfect Dark

The Psychosis Gun is one of the best guns in Perfect Dark purely for the hilarity factor. It’s never not funny to me to watch a once fierce enemy suddenly change allegiances and go on a suicidal rampage in your honor. 

What makes it even better is that the ammunition for the Psychosis Gun is completely unaffected by armor.  

8. CMP-150

CMP-150 Perfect Dark
CMP-150 Perfect Dark

Despite the CMP-150 being a low damage gun, the high accuracy lock-on and rapid fire rate that it provides make it a solid carry no matter the situation. 

It has an average shot range and easy-to-find ammo, too. This is one of the best guns in Perfect Dark if you find yourself surrounded by a horde of pesky Meat Sims.  

7. The Phoenix

The Phoenix - Perfect Dark
The Phoenix – Perfect Dark

This really the Maian answer to the Falcon 2, but it has a secondary mode that far outshines its pistol brother. What’s not to love about a handgun with explosive bullets? 

Rhetorical question, of course. Everyone knows there is nothing to not love about it, and that’s why it is one of the best Perfect Dark guns. 

6. The Cyclone

The Cyclone - Perfect Dark
The Cyclone – Perfect Dark

Any enemy that finds themself in front of the Cyclone is in for a world of pain. This sub-machine gun probably has the smoothest reload animation out of all the guns in Perfect Dark

Setting aside the low damage and average accuracy, the Cyclone has one of the fastest rates of fire that melts through large swathes of close range enemies like butter. 

5. RC-P120

RC-P120 - Perfect Dark
RC-P120 – Perfect Dark

This is a secret weapon designed by the Carrington Institute that allows players to utilize its cloaking device to enter invisibility mode. 

Anything else I could say about the game would be superfluous and indulgent. The cloaking device alone makes the RC-P120 one of the best Perfect Dark guns. 

4. The Crossbow

The Crossbow - Perfect Dark
The Crossbow – Perfect Dark

The Crossbow can be used to either instantly sedate or instantly kill an enemy. It requires skill to use and will take a bit of practice to master. This is why it is one of the best weapons in Perfect Dark, though. 

Plus, if you’re a Walking Dead fan like I am, you can channel your inner-Daryl and pretend you’re one-shotting zombie hordes. 

3. The Slayer

The Slayer - Perfect Dark
The Slayer – Perfect Dark

The Skedar are a beastly and hostile alien nation that should be avoided at all costs. They do, however, design some rather tasty weapons, the Slayer being one of them. 

Essentially, it is a rocket launcher, but the secondary ammo also allows you to fire remote controlled missiles that are incredibly satisfying to execute successfully. The only drawback of the Slayer is that it is one of the rarest guns in Perfect Dark

2. Laptop Gun

The Laptop Gun - Perfect Dark
The Laptop Gun – Perfect Dark

A very close second is the Laptop Gun. As an ordinary assault rifle, there is nothing out of the ordinary to behold. Yet, in its secondary mode, this gun can be deployed as a sentry gun in the form of a laptop that unleashes chaos on poor unsuspecting passersby. 

It’s always a good time to watch a well-placed Laptop Gun do its thing, and its unique quality makes it one of the best guns in Perfect Dark. 

1. SuperDragon

SuperDragon Perfect Dark
SuperDragon Perfect Dark

The normal Dragon assault rifle is good enough already, but the SuperDragon rifle takes things up a notch. 

The super version upgrades the self-destruct proximity mine of the primary model to a grenade launcher, and  if there’s anything more fun than launching powerful and accurate grenades at large groups of foes, we’d love to know. For me, this tops the list of the best Perfect Dark guns. 

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