5 Free Dungeon Crawlers for Android

Roguelike games are enjoying something of a resurgence in recent years, as more and more people appreciate their replay value and rewarding gameplay progression style. 

Fans of the genre will know that there have been some great console and PC dungeon crawlers in recent times, but not many will know about the games that can be enjoyed on mobile and tablet devices. With that being said, here are 5 free dungeon crawlers for android that you can play right away.    

5. Hoplite

Hoplite Android Gameplay
Hoplite Android Gameplay

Hoplite may look simple, but it is far from easy. In fact, Hoplite is an Android dungeon crawler that requires a fair amount of strategy, patience, and foresight if you want to succeed. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it Hoplite is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

The game is a turn-based strategy, and much importance is placed on the movements you make within the procedurally generated maps. Fans of tactical warfare will very much enjoy Hoplite, and this simple dungeon crawler also comes with a nice design and good music. There is a premium version, too, but you can enjoy the game fully with the free version with plenty of items and, unlocks, and upgrades available. 

Play Hoplite on Android

4. Pathos: Nethack Codex

Pathos Nethack Codex Android Gameplay
Pathos Nethack Codex Android Gameplay

If you’re after a challenging roguelike game, look no further than Pathos. Inspired by the 1987 classic roguelike Nethack, this android adventure game tasks players with delving deep into the dungeon to overcome the dangers that dwell within. 

At times, Pathos feels brutally hard, but that’s really what gives the game such incredible replay value – an attribute that is perhaps its best feature. Pathos won’t win any awards for outstanding visuals, but it doesn’t need to. Everything that it sets out to do it achieves masterfully – easy UI and controls, tons of variety in races and classes, and no ads or deceiving paywalls. 

Everytime you play Pathos, you’ll get a little better at it, and once you hit a nice rhythm, you’ll find yourself getting further with each run. 

Play Pathos: Nethack Codex on Android

3. Void Tyrant

Void Tyrant Android Gameplay
Void Tyrant Android Gameplay

Void Tyrant is a strategic deck-building game that brings something different to the android dungeon crawler scene. At the start of each run, you get to choose from one of four classes, each of which has their own advantages and shortcomings, but each with the potential to build a powerful assortment of cards.

In total, there are over 500 cards to play with, and with a tactical approach you will quickly get the hang of the gameplay as you battle your way around the colorful universe in order to reclaim the Eye of Chronos. The enemies are weird and wonderful, with an impressive amount of variation. Some are easier than others, but once you’ve tailored your deck to suit your style, you should be well on your way to defeating the toughest opponents.

Some users report that the ads can get a bit annoying, but that really is a small price to pay for getting a great card-based dungeon crawler for free on Android. Graphically, the game is solid too, with nice visuals that truly immerse you in the wacky universe. This is one for those who like a lot of variety and deep strategy in their roguelike gameplay. 

Play Void Tyrant on Android.  

2. Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

YetAnotherPD Android Gameplay
YetAnotherPD Android Gameplay

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon is an android roguelike game that has a good balance of strategy, skill and fortune. Developed by ConsideredHamster, this is a game that has improved exponentially since its first release with numerous updates and improvements. 

You may already know Pixel Dungeon (another great free dungeon crawler for android devices), and YetAnotherPD was borne out of the intention to improve on the original. It has taken on a life of its own, though, and is a separate entity in the best way possible. 

The game is completely free, too, something that is quite remarkable when you consider how much effort and devotion has clearly gone into its development. It is also absent of microtransactions and ads. Of course, that doesn’t automatically make this a great game, but so many other attributes do. Be it the nostalgic inducing retro visuals, the variety of upgrades and items, or the different dungeons that you can explore, YetAnotherPD is undoubtedly one of the best free dungeon crawlers for android that you can find right now. 

Play Yet Another Pixel Dungeon on Android

1. Soul Knight

Soul Knight Android Gameplay
Soul Knight Android Gameplay

When I first played Soul Knight I couldn’t believe how good it was for a free android dungeon crawler. It’s got everything you want in a game for the genre – challenges, synergies, different game modes, and unique characters. Not only that, Soul Knight is one of the best visual roguelikes in the mobile domain and it has a certain quirkiness that is hard not to find endearing. 

In total, there are almost 300 weapons, an array of procedurally generated dungeons, and NPCs that you are able to interact with in a number of ways. One feature that works particularly well for an android dungeon crawler game is the auto-aim system that it operates. It’s a godsend for mobile roguelike gaming. 

In terms of aesthetics, the game has a Enter the Grungeon feel to it that really works well, with lots of vibrant colors and visual explosions of coordinated chaos. The gameplay is smooth and it seems that the developers (ChillyRoom) have packed an awful lot of action into a relatively small game. 

As with most of the free android dungeon crawlers in this list, there is the option to augment your gaming experience by purchasing extra characters, upgrades, and new content. This is not necessary to enjoy the game, though, there is plenty of content to be getting on with without spending a single penny. 

Play Soul Knight on Android

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