8 of the Best Co-op Horror Games on Steam

Looking for a good horror multiplayer that you can play online right now? We’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the 8 best co-op horror games on Steam. 

8. Pacify

Pacify Coop Horror Gameplay
Pacify Coop Horror Gameplay

Pacify is an indie co-op horror game that plonks the players in a haunted house and leaves them to fend for themselves. 

Made by the same developer as Emily Wants to Play, Sean Hitchcock, Pacify is an incredibly scary game that puts you in the shoes of a paranormal investigator tasked with ridding an old house of its horrors so the owner can put the property on the market. That’s really all there is to the story, and I actually like the fact that the game doesn’t overdo it with plotlines. 

There is the option of playing Pacify in single player mode, but it is so much more fun playing with other folk online. You can join a group online with up to 3 other people, playing either with or against them. The main aim remains the same, stay out of sight of the haunted girl and try to pacify the evil that dwells in the house. 

Play Pacify on Steam

7. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown Steam Gameplay
Hunt Showdown Steam Gameplay

Hunt: Showdown is a fun online horror multiplayer that places players in a dark swampy area with other human players and a whole host of demony monsters. 

In the game, you get given bounties and have to scour the area to search for the boss. Each boss has different strengths and weaknesses and poses a different challenge. Upon killing the boss, you receive bounty tokens, this will alert other players to your location, though, and you must reach an extraction point before being hunted down yourself. This can create some tense moments and you are likely going to be on edge throughout the whole journey. 

Play Hunt: Showdown on steam. 

6. The Forest

The Forest Steam Gameplay
The Forest Steam Gameplay

The Forest was released in the midst of the survival game craze, and is one of few that seems to have lasted well since it first came onto the scene. 

The game has an excellent single player mode with a compelling story that helps build the atmosphere and immersion of the experience. In short, though, players are tasked with finding their son after he was abducted by a mysterious red figure following a plane crash.

The lighting effects, design, and overall visual elements are great with tons of detail, and the realism and dynamics of the environment make the entire gaming experience highly unnerving. On top of that, the audio effects are excellent – little to no music in the game really heightens one’s senses.  

Play Forest on Steam. 

5. In Silence

In Silence Steam Coop Horror
In Silence Steam Coop Horror

In Silence is the most recent game on this list and it is still finding its feet in a lot of ways. This multiplayer horror game pits the player against other players (up to 6) as they bid for survival against a hypersensitive monster with incredible hearing abilities. 

No doubt about it, In Silence is scary. Trying to make your way across a dark environment in complete silence is already a challenge, but when you know that there is a horrifying lizard monster on your tail, it gets ten times worse. You also get to play as the monster on occasion, which is as fun as you can imagine. 

Play In Silence on Steam. 


GTFO Steam Horror Multiplayer
GTFO Steam Horror Multiplayer

GTFO is an online horror game that, despite being early access, is a well-rounded horror experience that gives a good balance of horror and stealth. 

GTFO has an eerie atmosphere that builds up tension slowly through the level design and fear of the unknown. The unknown being not being able to know what you will face around the corner. 

Playing in a team of 4 human players, you have to explore an underground facility ridden with otherworldly creatures. Gun down your enemies with your teammates and cooperate with them to reach the best outcomes. This is a game that requires collaboration, so you;re going to want to strategize well with your fellow fighters. 

Play GTFO on Steam.

3. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Steam Coop Horror
Dead by Daylight Steam Coop Horror

As far as co-op horror games on Steam go, there aren’t many better than Dead by Daylight. Played in a 1 versus 4 format, one player takes on the role of a violent and disturbingly creative killer, while the others try to avoid his path. 

This game has a huge onlight community and it’s easy to see why, Dead by Daylight creates atmosphere in a way that few online horror games know how to. The combo of moody lighting, intense sound effects and immersive gameplay make this one one you’ll definitely want to try online with other gamers. 

Play Dead by Daylight on Steam. 

2. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Steam Gameplay
Phasmophobia Steam Gameplay

Phasmophobia is another recent addition to this list that really warrants its reputation as one of the best coop horrors around at the moment. 

Everything about this game is good, and I think the accolades it has received are borne out of far more than it just being good for its genre. If you want to double up on your horror experience, play it on VR. That’s the stuff of nightmares. 

As for the gameplay, you explore a darkly lit house trying to complete a number of objectives related to the ghost that dwells within. Pay attention to your stats – particularly sanity, the more you lose your sanity, the more in danger you’ll become. 

Play Phasmophobia on Steam. 

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Gameplay
Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Gameplay

Left 4 Dead 2 achieves the seemingly impossible task of being better than its predecessor, and it does so in style. From its graphical improvements to the AI improvements, Left 4 Dead 2 is an intense coop horror game on Steam that will test your survival abilities.

Playing in a team of 4 , you must choose your weapon appropriately in order to keep the incoming zombie hordes at bay. 

The community is vibrant and you’ll always find someone to play with, no matter which game mode you play. Fans of multiplayer horror games must play this if they haven’t already. 

Play Left 4 Dead on Steam. 

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