The Hardest Yoshi’s Island Bosses – All 12 Ranked

When Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was released in 1995 for the SNES, it was revered for its level design, art, gameplay, and sound. For good reason, too. It still stands up today as one of the all time greats. 

One of the main draws of the game are the boss battles. Some are easy, but others are a real challenge. But which are the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses? We’ve ranked them all from Easiest to hardest, let us know if you agree in the comment section!


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12. Salvo the Slime 

Salvo the Slime
Salvo the Slime

Salvo the Slime is a cute blob that doesn’t actually have the ability to harm Mario and Yoshi, he can merely push you from one side of the battle arena to the other! As you split the blob into pieces, though, his smaller cast offs can hurt you, but they offer little threat.  

This makes him a very easy boss to overcome and a pleasure to fight. Just keep throwing eggs at it until it melts into nothingness (which won’t take long). 

11. Marching Milde

Marching Milde - Yoshi's Island Boss
Marching Milde – Yoshi’s Island Boss

The Marching Milde boss is one of the most fun to overcome, and is not in the least bit difficult in my opinion. 

What starts off as a gigantic Milde splits into two every time you jump on its head, until there are multiple little Mildes running around that you can dispose of at your leisure. 

This is one of the easiest bosses in Yoshi’s Island for sure. 

10. Bigger Boo

Bigger Boo - Yoshi's Island Boss
Bigger Boo – Yoshi’s Island Boss

Bigger Boo won’t hurt you if you’re looking at it, but as soon as Mario turns his head away Boo will come hunting you down ready to pounce. 

The best way to deal with this is to throw eggs against the wall so that they ricochet back off and damage the ghostly figure. Each egg that hits will cause Bigger Boo to expand until he eventually bursts from extreme fatness (I think that’s the correct term?).  

9. Burt the Bashful

Burt the Bashful - Yoshi's Island Bosses
Burt the Bashful – Yoshi’s Island Bosses

Burt the Bashful is another very easy boss who can’t actually hurt you if you hide in the little crevices in the bricks. 

Burt is basically a giant bouncing ball that wears trousers. Every time you attack him with an egg, his trousers fall down slightly. Eventually, his trousers will come all the way off and Burt becomes… well… bashful, and runs away out of sheer embarrassment. Ah, what a game.  

8. Roger the Potted Ghost

Roger the Potted Ghost - Yoshi's Island Bosses
Roger the Potted Ghost – Yoshi’s Island Bosses

Bigger Boo is not the only ghost boss in Yoshi’s Island, and here we have another in the form of Roger the Potted Ghost. He is a slightly trickier customer than Bigger Boo, but still not tricky enough to be considered one of the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses. 

To beat Roger, you’ve just got to push the vase from which he sprouts off the ledge. Then, he’ll smash into smithereens. 

7. Sluggy the Unshaven

Sluggy the Unshaven - Yoshi's Island
Sluggy the Unshaven – Yoshi’s Island

Sluggy is a giant phantasmal slug with a pink heart. Also, it doesn’t shave. What kind of slug is this?!

Although not overly difficult, if you don’t dispatch Sluggy quickly, you could be in deep trouble. To beat it, throw eggs towards the heart and you’ll keep chipping away at the body until you reach it and do some serious damage. Rinse and repeat. 

6. Raphael the Raven

Raphael the Raven - Yoshi's Island
Raphael the Raven – Yoshi’s Island

Raphael the Raven is a fan favorite within the Yoshi’s Island community. This fat bird lives in outer space and to beat him you must travel there and chase him around a baseball-esque celestial body.

Hurting Raphael involves jumping on the protruding parts of the planet when he is directly opposite you. Let’s not talk about where exactly the damage is done to the poor bird…

5. Naval Piranha

Naval Piranha - Yoshi's Island Bosses
Naval Piranha – Yoshi’s Island Bosses

The Naval Piranha can be a tricky customer if it’s that way out. You have to be mindful of the thorny plant beast approaches while simultaneously looking out for enemies dropping from the sky. 

To beat him, throw eggs along the water and aim for the Naval Piranha’s heart. It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you should be able to overcome this scary, monstrous plant. The Naval Piranha is definitely one of the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses. 

4. Hookbill the Koopa

Hookbill the Koopa - Yoshi's Island
Hookbill the Koopa – Yoshi’s Island

What starts off as a regular Koopa Troopa becomes the gigantic Hookbill the Koopa once Kamek uses his magical prowess, and this monstrous shelled creature is one of the hardest bosses in Yoshi’s Island.

To defeat Hookbill, you must repeatedly throw eggs at his face until he eventually falls backwards onto his shell. When he is in this position, channel your inner Rob Van Dam and execute the perfect five-star frog splash onto his belly. 

3. Tap-Tap the Red Nose

Tap-Tap the Red Nose - Yoshi's Island
Tap-Tap the Red Nose – Yoshi’s Island

Tap-Tap the Red Nose is definitely one of the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses, as it’s not actually possible to hurt him with your eggs. His spiky torso will simply reflect any objects thrown his way. 

To defeat the hedgehog monster, chip away at the green tiles that lay beneath you. Under the tiles is some rather hot molten lava. Once this is exposed, Tap-Tap will eventually jump into it and commit gruesome hedgehog suicide. 

2. Prince Froggy

Prince Froggy - Yoshi's Island
Prince Froggy – Yoshi’s Island

What could be so scary about a cute little frog with a royal title? Well, quite a lot apparently, especially when Kamek shrinks you down to about a tenth of your normal size. In fact, Prince Froggy is one of the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses in the entire game. 

To beat the frog, you must fight from within… that is, from within the stomach of the evil tailless amphibian. Prince Froggy will swallow you whole, and then you must attack his protruding innards until he burps you back out. Nice. 

1. Baby Bowser

Baby Bowser - Yoshi's Island hardest bosses
Baby Bowser – Yoshi’s Island hardest bosses

Last, but most certainly not least, is the infant version of the King of the Troopa’s, Baby Bowser. 

I don’t think anyone would disagree with Baby Bowser topping this list of the hardest Yoshi’s Island bosses. He is a tricky customer, to say the least. 

The fight is in two stages, with the first part not being particularly remarkable. Just attack Baby Bowser with earth ripple attacks until he’s had enough. 

Then, Kamek sprinkles magic on Baby Bowser until he grows into a gigantic dinosaur lizard monster, and this is the part of the fight that really impresses. A rather daunting looking Bowser will hurl fireballs at you while you try to avoid huge boulders that drop from the sky. This fight may take a while, but it’s incredibly rewarding.    

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