How to Fish in Link’s Awakening (Switch) – An Easy Guide

When the original The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was released in 1993, it made waves in the action-adventure scene and was hugely successful, both critically and commercially. It’s easy to see why, too, and many consider it to still be one of the best games in the Zelda franchise. 

Sometimes, it’s best to leave things in the past, but the 2019 remake of Link’s Awakening is a solid example of new life bringing new energy to an already great game, and playing it brought a nice blend of freshness and nostalgia that got me hooked instantly. One aspect of the game that the remake nailed is fishing, but many players have had trouble figuring out how to do it. So, here is a simple guide on how to fish in Link’s Awakening. 


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How to Fish in Link’s Awakening

Step 1 – Find the Fishing Pond

Link's Awakening Fishing Pond
Link’s Awakening Fishing Pond

First of all, head to the Fishing Pond in Mabe Village. It is in the north of the village and is fairly easy to locate. Just go past the rooster weathervane and it’ll be hard to miss. 

Once you’re there, talk to the man at the pond and he’ll tell you how to fish for the price of 10 rupees

Step 2 – Cast the Line

Cast the Line
Cast the Line

The man by the pond will tell you how to cast the line. The longer you hold A, the farther your line will be cast. Use the left analog stick to wiggle and tug the line around, and tap A quickly to reel in any fish.  

Even after being given the instructions, you’ll quickly learn that the best way to get good at fishing in the game is by practicing. 

Step 3 – Catch the Fish!

Stop reeling when the fish pulls away from the line
Stop reeling when the fish pulls away from the line

Once your line has been cast, tempt one of the fish to take the bait and start tapping A to reel him in.

One thing the man at the pond doesn’t tell you is that the line can break if you reel the fish in too ferociously. There is a simple and easy tip that will help you get around this. As soon as the fish takes the bait, start tapping A as normal, but as soon as the fish shows resistance and starts pulling away from you, stop tapping A as this can cause the line to snap. Once the fish has calmed and is facing towards you again, continue to reel it in. 

This method requires a bit of patience, but it is a fool proof way of guaranteeing a catch from the fishing pond

Link’s Awakening Heart Pieces

Fish to get Heart Pieces in Link's Awakening
Fish to get Heart Pieces in Link’s Awakening

If you’re wondering if it’s actually worth learning how to fish in Link’s Awakening, it most definitely is. 

You can get your hands on two heart container parts by fishing. So, aside from the satisfaction of catching those big fat fish at the bottom of the lake, you also get something tangible to show for your efforts. 

How to Catch Blooper in Link’s Awakening

Link's Awakening - Catch the Blooper
Link’s Awakening – Catch the Blooper

Catching a Blooper in Link’s Awakening is a bit harder than catching some of the other fish in the game, if only because it doesn’t always spawn when you want it to. 

To get a Blooper to spawn, fish your way around the pond catching different types of fish, and eventually one will appear. 

Using a middleweight lure, lure it onto your line and start to reel the Blooper in. The trick is to never reel when the Blooper kicks away. As soon as the Blooper stops kicking, continue to tap A until it gets closer. Remain patient, continue this pattern, and you should have a Blooper in your hands in no time.

Catching the Blooper for the first time will yield some nice rewards. You’ll get a heavyweight lure to help with catching the deep-dwelling fish, and you’ll get your first secret seashell

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For a video aid, Release-Fire has a nice video on how to catch a Blooper, you can watch it below on YouTube.

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