Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to get out of Talmberg

So, you’re starting to get into the game. You wake up in Talmberg after the traumatic Skalitz raid, and decide to go for a little stroll to mull things over. Not so fast. How do I get out of this place? 

Don’t worry, if you’re stuck here we’ll tell you exactly how to get out of Talmberg. There are a few ways. 

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Method 1 – Steal Talmberg Armor

Shield with Talmberg Crest
Shield with Talmberg Crest

The most common option is to steal the Talmberg Armor after convincing the guard to let you out of Talmberg if you are wearing a disguise. 

After talking to Sir Robard and failing to convince him to let you go to Skalitz, go and find the guard who stands at the gate out of Talmberg. When prompted, tell him “I need to get out of here”, and then tell him that “I have to bury my parents”. He will show compassion and reveals that he’ll let you leave if you look like a Talmberg guard. 

Now, head straight to the guard tower (turn right and right again after the drawbridge to the castle) and take the shield with the Talmberg Crest (see picture). Make sure nobody sees you do this, as you’ll immediately be reprimanded. It’s a good idea to close the door behind you. 

Behind the shield you’ll find a chest which has a ‘very easy’ lock. Interact with the chest and work your lockpick magic, inside you will find all the armor you need. If you don’t have a lockpick, you pick up some arrows from the guard tower and sell them to Votava. Once you have enough money you can buy a lockpick from him. 

The next step is to simply equip your armor and go back to the guard by the exit of Talmberg. Tell him you need to leave again, and he’ll order the gates to be opened. 

There you have it, this is how to get out of Talmberg. 

Method 2 – Talk to Lady Stephanie

Lady Stephanie
Lady Stephanie

Another way to get out of Talmberg is to talk to Lady Stephanie. This method is popular as it usually requires no lockpicks and no money. 

After talking to Sir Robard, go and find Lady Stephanie and initiate the dialogue. She can usually be found in her quarters, but can also be found wandering around other parts of Talmberg Castle.

Tell Lady Stephanie that you need to leave the castle as it is your duty to bury your parents in Skalitz. She’ll tell you where to find the Talmberg armor that will help you leave. In this instance, it is in the guard tower that overlooks the stables. 

Enter the tower without being seen and head up the ladder straight in front of you. You’ll find a chest that contains the Talmberg armor. It should be unlocked so you can rob everything without a lockpick, though some people have reported that it is locked with a very easy lock. If this is the case, you may have to sell some stuff as outlined in method 1. 

Once you’ve stolen and equipped the armor, go speak to the guard by the gate and negotiate your way out. 

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Method 3 – Jump off the Drawbridge

This guard blocks your way out of Talmberg
This guard blocks your way out of Talmberg

If the above methods sound like too much effort, the next two options might be for you. A very quick way to get out of Talmberg is to simply jump off the castle drawbridge and make a break for Skalitz as fast as you can. 

It’s best to know exactly where you’re going in this method, though, as Talmberg guards will immediately pursue you. As soon as your feet touch the ground, sprint all the way to Skalitz and don’t look back. You’ll get there eventually. 

Method 4 – Get Thrown in Jail 

Talmberg Stables
Talmberg Stables

If all else fails and you’re finding it tricky to get out of Talmberg, simply commit a crime in front of a guard and get yourself arrested. After spending some time in jail, Henry will be set free out of the castle gates, and you’ll be able to make your way to Skalitz to bury your parents. 

If you choose this method, though, it’s worth noting that the guards will take all your money and strip you of any stolen items, so only do this if you don;t have much to lose. 

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