Who is Alexios’ Father in AC Odyssey?

Alexios, who is sometimes referred to as Deimos, is the co-protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey along with his sister, Kassandra. 

His family plays a big role in the story of Odyssey, so we’ll take a closer look at exactly who they are and find out exactly who is Alexios’ Father?

Alexios’ Father

Nikolaos - The Wolf of Sparta
Nikolaos – The Wolf of Sparta

Note that what’s written next presumes that you are playing the game as Alexios and it will contain spoilers for the story. 

At the start of the game we learn that Nikolaos, the Wolf of Sparta, is Alexios’ father. They became separated when Alexios was young after Nikolaos reluctantly acted upon a prophecy from the Oracle, who believed Sparta would one day be destroyed by Nikolaos’ children.

The killing of his son, Alexios, was ordered at the behest of the Spartan authorities, and Nikolaos took it upon himself to carry it out. Unbeknownst to Nikolaos and his contemporaries, Alexios survived the execution and grew up on the island of Kefalonia to be a powerful mercenary. 

We later learn that Nikolaos is not, in fact, Alexios’ real father. His real father is the legendary Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. Through acquiring the Staff of Hermes, Pythagoras gained immortality and long life, which he used to research the secrets of the Isu and Atlantis. Throughout his travels he encountered Myrrine, and together they brought Alexios into the world. Pythagoras was absent from both of their lives, though, as he dedicated his time to continue his research in isolation.

After assigning Alexios the task of finding the Atlantis artifacts, he passes on the Staff of Hermes and instantly dies.  

Who is Alexios’ Mother?

Myrrine - Daughter of King Leonidas I
Myrrine – Daughter of King Leonidas I

Alexios’ mother is Myrrine, the daughter of King Leonidas of Sparta and she plays a crucial role in the game. Myrrine’s relationship with Pythagoras leads to the birth of the main playable character in the game, giving them a strong birthline that gives them incredible responsibility and importance. 

Players first encounter Myrrine on the island of Naxos, where she serves as the leader and becomes embroiled in a war with the neighboring island, Paros. After reaching a resolution, Myrrine returns to Sparta with the main character in order to convince the two Spartan kings to give their home back to them. 

Do Alexios and Kassandra have the same father?

Alexios and Pythagoras
Alexios and Pythagoras


There is some confusion over whether Alexios and Kassandra have the same father. They both grew up believing that Nikolaos is their father. Some people believe that depending on who you play the game as, the character you choose later learns that Pythagoras is their real father, while the other one is, in fact, the child of Nikolaos.

This is never explicitly stated in the game, though, so the real answer is unknown. The official AC Odyssey novel seems to confirm that only one of the two is Pythagoras’ child. They do both have the same mother, though, who is Myrrine. 

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