Can you Customize The Brotherhood in FFX?

When Rikku joins the party as a permanent member, you get access to the very useful Customize ability which allows you to modify any weapon in the game which has an empty slot for a new ability. 

One of the first things you might try to do is customize Tidus’ weapon, The Brotherhood. This is an obvious step to take as there are 3 empty slots ready to be upgraded. Yet, you’ll soon discover that this isn’t possible. Fear not, though, The Brotherhood does get upgraded, read on to find out when. 

Can You Customize The Brotherhood in FFX?

The Brotherhood was once Chappu's sword
The Brotherhood was once Chappu’s sword

The Brotherhood is not customizable during the start of the game, and even for a short while after Rikku joins the party and makes the Customize option available. 

The Brotherhood is automatically upgraded after visiting the Farplane in Guadosalam. When you enter the Farplane, interacting with Wakka initiates a dialogue between him and his brother, Chappu. 

Wakka tells his brother that Tidus reminds him of Chappu, and that he had given him Chappu’s sword. Following this scene, Tidus’ Brotherhood is upgraded automatically, gaining Waterstrike, Strength +10%, and Sensor


What is Tidus’ Sword Called?

Tidus’s main weapon in Final Fantasy X is The Brotherhood. The sword has a blue, watery appearance and eventually becomes imbued with the very useful Waterstrike upgrade. Tidus’ other main weapon is the Caladbolg, which can be acquired late on in the game. 

How Do You Upgrade Weapons in Final Fantasy X?

The ability to upgrade weapons in FFX becomes available when Rikku joins the party in Moonflow after defeating the Shoopuf. Rikku will give Tidus a brief tutorial on how the Customize feature works using the menu. Subsequently, any item with an empty slot may be upgraded. 

How do you get Tidus’ Celestial Weapon?

Tidus’ Celestial Weapon is the Caladbolg and it is one of the strongest swords in FFX. To acquire it, you must first get the Celestial Mirror by completing a side quest in Macalania Woods South. 

Then, you must head to the Calm Lands and beat the Chocobo Trainer to acquire the Lv. 3 Key Sphere. This will also open the path to Celestial Weapon in the northernmost part of the Calm Lands. 

Finally, take the Sun Sigil and the Sun Crest to the giant orb in Macalania Woods and upgrade the Caladbolg by interacting with it. 

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