How to get Tidus’s Celestial Weapon – An Easy FFX Guide

In Final Fantasy X, the Celestial Weapons are the ultimate weapons in the game and can cause some devastating attacks when equipped. 

One of the best weapons in the entire game is Tidus’s Celestial Weapon, Caladbolg. This weapon gives access to a number of abilities including Evade & Counter, Triple Overdrive, and Break Damage Limit. 

This guide will tell you exactly how to get Tidus’s Celestial Weapon, and how to power it up once you have it. Read on to learn all about Caladbolg!


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Step 1 – Get the Celestial Mirror

The Celestial Mirror
The Celestial Mirror

The first step to getting any of the Celestial Weapons in FFX is to get the Celestial Mirror. To do this, you’ll first need to get the Cloudy Mirror from Remiem Temple. Entering and winning the Chocobo race there will reward you with the Cloudy Mirror. 

To transform the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror, you have to complete the side quest in Macalania Woods South in which a mother and son are looking for their husband/father. 

For a more detailed walkthrough, check out RPG Site’s tutorial on how to get the Celestial Mirror.   

Step 2 – Head to the Calm Lands

Collect the red balloons to reduce your overall time in the Chocobo race
Collect the red balloons to reduce your overall time in the Chocobo race

Once you have the celestial Mirror, head to the Calm Lands and talk to the Chocobo Trainer near the save point. You will have to complete all of your Chocobo training and beat the trainer in a race. 

The final race against the trainer is not too hard, but the training beforehand may take a few attempts before completing. 

Once you beat the trainer, you’ll also receive a Lv. 3 Key Sphere.

Step 3 – Get Tidus’s Celestial Weapon 

Head to the Gorge in the Calm Lands
Head to the Gorge in the Calm Lands

After beating the trainer in a chocobo race, the path to Tidus’s Celestial Weapon clears up.

At the northernmost part of the Calm Lands, there is a path that leads down a gorge to a hidden location (see the above picture). 

This path was once blocked by a man (the Chocobo trainer’s father), but he temporarily vacates his watch of the path after the race, giving you the chance to go and explore down the path. 

There is a weird Al-Bhed looking device built into the cliff face. Interact with it and select to use the Celestial Mirror. This will open the device and reward you with the Caladbolg. 

Step 4 – Power Up the Caladbolg! 

Power up the Caladbolg in Macalania Woods
Power up the Caladbolg in Macalania Woods

So, you finally have Tidus’s Celestial Weapon in your hands. It’s time to power it up. For this you’ll need the Sun Crest – which is found in the Zanarkand Dome after beating Lady Yunalesca –  and the Sun Sigil

The Sun Sigil is slightly more difficult to obtain, as you’ll need to redo the Chocobo race with the trainer and get a time of under 0 seconds. This sounds impossible, but collecting red balloons during the race will reduce your time. The more balloons you collect, the more time is deducted from your race time at the end. Patience is key here!

Once you have the Sun Sigil and the Sun Crest, return to Macalania Woods and search for a giant orb which grows out of a tree (see above picture). Complete the ritual and the Caladbolg will be upgraded, leaving you with one of the most powerful weapons in the whole of Spira!

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If you’re still struggling with how to get Caladbolg, check out the informative YouTube video below by Dansg08. This will walk you through it step by step and show you the exact locations you need to go. 

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