How to Beat the Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror Quest

If you’re anything like me, you had the Nameless Terror quest open for the entirety of your first playthrough and couldn’t figure out exactly what to do. It was only on the second playthrough that I managed to get it done, and it’s not as hard as you may think. 

Read on to learn how to beat the Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror Quest. 


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Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror Quest

The Nameless Terror quest becomes available just before meeting the Duke
The Nameless Terror quest becomes available just before meeting the Duke

The quest can be started just before the first time you meet with Duke Edmun Dragonsbane in the quest Come to Court. 

Travel to the southern gate of Gran Soren and interact with Ser Reckart to trigger the quest. Reckart will warn the Arisen that he is in danger and that there are dark forces (known as the Nameless Men) out to kill you. In doing so, Reckart will give the Arisen an Unsigned Letter that confirms the threat from the Nameless Men. 

Despite the group being known as the Nameless Men, they are in fact a group of eleven bandits made up of both men and women. These bandits are split into 5 different locations, but there are no quest markers for you to follow on your map. See below for the ambush locations. 

Ambush Locations

The last Ambush is just outside Cassardis' gate
The last Ambush is just outside Cassardis’ gate

There are 5 ambush locations in the Nameless Terror quest, and you’ll encounter a varying number of the Nameless Men at each of them. The first four locations can usually be completed in any order, but the fifth location must be completed last. The 5 ambush spots are:

  1. Just after the bridge to the north of Gran Soren.
    This is usually the first ambush that you’ll encounter in the Nameless Terror Quest, and here you will be attacked by four bandits – Ghost, Phantom, Spirit, and Soul. 
  2. At the northern entrance of the Ancient Quarry.
    Three of the Nameless Men bandits will attack you here just outside the northern entrance to the quarry. They are called Raven, Hawk, and Condor. 
  3. On the mountain pass towards the Mountain Waycastle.
    The ambush can take place at numerous locations on the mountain pass, but usually occurs by the Mountain Cottage.
    The bandit that attacks you here is called Darkness. There is sometimes a glitch that prevents Darkness from spawning. If this happens, continue on to the next location and you may be able to complete the quest without ever encountering this ambush. 
  4. North of the Abandoned Storehouse.
    You’ll find the Abandoned Storehouse on the road between the Encampment and the Mountain Waycastle. The bandits that attack you here are called Rogue and Noir, and they can be quite tricky if you’re not prepared for them. 
  5. Outside the Cassardis gate.
    The final ambush brings you up against the leader of the Nameless Men, Zero. The fight is challenging but shouldn’t be too much of a challenge if you have a good battle strategy and strong Pawns travelling with you. Defeating Zero will reward the Arisen with the Tightly Folded Letter and lead to the end of the Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror Quest. 

If you are still struggling to find these locations, scroll to the bottom of the article and watch the walkthrough video on YouTube by Bob Hall. You’ll be able to see the exact Nameless Terror ambush locations on there. 

Tightly Folded Letter

Gergori - Dragon's Dogma
Gergori – Dragon’s Dogma

Once you have defeated Zero, the bandit leader, you will be given the quest item of the Tightly Folded Letter. The letter indicates that “All children of the true god know the Arisen is the end of hope”, and calls for the Arisen to be “expunged”

Acquiring the letter allows you to complete the noticeboard quest, Lost Faith, which can be found on the board at Arsmith’s Alehouse in Gran Soren.  

Nameless Terror Not Triggering

Dragon's Dogma - The Dragonforged
Dragon’s Dogma – The Dragonforged

Some gamers have reported issues with the Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror quest. The most common problem being that the ambushes don’t trigger when players are seemingly at the right location. 

Nine times out of ten, this issue is solved by simply waiting until nightfall to reach the ambush locations. Remember, this quest MUST be completed during the night in order to be completed. 

If the issue persists, it’s possible that you are not following the correct order. The ambushes must be completed in a specific order. Follow the order of the ambush locations outlined above in the article, and make sure that you always reach the leader, Zero, last. 

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If you’re still struggling with finding the locations, the video by Bob Hall below will show you exactly where to go in order to complete the Dragon’s Dogma Nameless Terror quest.  

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