All Duke Nukem 3D Cheats

Hail to the king, baby, it’s time to kick ass and chew on these Duke Nukem 3D cheats. Everyone of a certain age will remember this game, and what a game it is. 

There are a fair few cheats that can augment the gaming experience, too, and we’ve outlined all of them here. Read on for all of the cheats in Duke Nukem 3D


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Duke Nukem 3D Cheats for the PC

Duke Nukem 3D Rocket launcher
Duke Nukem 3D Rocket launcher

God Mode – dnkroz or dncornholio

Instant steroids! – dnhyper

Jetpack – dnnuj

Walk through walls – dnclip

Display a message – dntodd, dntime, dnbeta, and dncosmo. 

Every weapon, item, key, and ammo – dnstuff

Every key and maximum armor – dnitems

Show frame rate – dnrate

Every key – dnkeys

Restore ammo – dnuk

Every weapon and max ammo – dnweapons

Restore health – dneat

Show map coordinates – dncoords

Show entire map – dnshowmap

Finish level – dnending

Unlock all doors – dnunlock

Warp to specific episode # and level ## – dnscotty###

Throw money after pressing the spacebar – dncashman

Turn on/off monsters – dnmonsters

Duke Nukem 3D Cheat Menu on Switch and the PS4

Duke Nukem Shotgun
Duke Nukem Shotgun

A cheat menu can be accessed in the same way for the Switch and PS4 ports of Duke Nukem 3D

If you’re playing on the Switch: Press Y, down-right on the D-pad, and then click the right analog stick.

If playing on the PS4: Hold down on the D-pad, push Square, then click R3 analog stick, and finally hold down Right

This will give you access to all kinds of Duke Nukem 3D cheats, including god mode, infinite ammo, mapping, and all weapons.  

Are there any Duke Nukem 3D cheats on the PS Vita port?

Duke Nukem 3D Monsters
Duke Nukem 3D Monsters

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to activate the cheat menu, or any of the cheats, in the PS Vita port of Duke Nukem 3D. The same applies to the PS3 port of the game. 

This feels like a missed opportunity for the game, as part of what makes Duke Nukem 3D so fun is the ability to turn on your jetpack on a whim and fly around aimlessly, decimating monsters in the process.

If you’re a purist, though, you may enjoy the removal of any temptation to enter God Mode and kick ass and chew gum with a little help from the invulnerability. 

That being said, the game still stands up well when you’re left to fend for yourself and rely solely on your FPS skill. 

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