How Many Chapters Are There In Final Fantasy 13?

FF13 is one of the most underrated Final Fantasy games in the whole franchise, at least for me anyway. It got a lot of hate when it was first released, with many stating that it didn’t have that FF feel that made so many fall in love with the series. 

That being said, I personally feel like FF13 was a solid gaming experience, and the story was one of the most gripping of them all. Each chapter brought something new, and as the characters developed, one couldn’t help but grow a little more attached. But how many chapters are there in Final Fantasy 13? Read on for the answer, and more. 


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How many chapters are there in Final Fantasy 13?

Sazh and Lightning
Sazh and Lightning

There are 13 chapters in Final Fantasy 13. Each chapter introduces a new area and, with the exception of an open hunt area towards the end of the game, follows a fairly linear corridor-like path. 

The protagonist changes depending on the chapter, and there are a number of different main characters in the game (each with their own strengths and flaws). 

The last 3 or 4 chapters will probably take you as long as all of the previous ones and, in terms of difficulty, the last chapter is notably more challenging than the others. 

With the exception of chapter 7, 1 through to 8 are particularly short, with chapter 8 probably being the shortest.  

How long is Final Fantasy 13?

FF13 - Hope
FF13 – Hope

To complete the main story of Final Fantasy 13, you’ll probably have to put in around 45 to 50 hours

If you’re taking the completionist approach, your gaming time is probably going to be closer to 100 to 110 hours

This, of course, depends on your play style, and if you like to read all of the lore and background stories throughout the game, these estimates will undoubtedly be larger. 

Which is the best chapter in Final Fantasy 13?

FF13 - Vanille
FF13 – Vanille

This is entirely subjective, of course, but I found chapter 10 to be the most enjoyable section of the game, as this is where exploration started to come into the game more. Players are given more freedom in this chapter and the enemies are both challenging and fun to fight against. 

A close second is FF13 Chapter 11, as the world begins to open up even more, and (without giving away any spoilers) the story really starts to come together here. This is a particularly good chapter for those who like Lightning

How many chapters are there in FF13-2?

FF13 - Snow Villiers
FF13 – Snow Villiers

In FF13-2 there are 6 chapters. The story focuses on Lightning and her sister Serah, and jumps between different timelines as time travel plays a key role in the game. 

In total, completing Final Fantasy 13-2 will take you around 30 to 40 hours to complete. A lot of people preferred FF13-2 to its predecessor. While it certainly did a better job than FFX-2 did for its prequel, I still prefer the main Final Fantasy 13 game, despite enjoying them both, 

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So, there are 13 chapters in Final Fantasy 13. Have you played them all? If so, which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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