How to Unlock Apollyon in BOI Afterbirth+?

There are a number of amazing playable characters in the Binding of Isaac, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 

One that was added in the Afterbirth+ DLC is Apollyon, a character who has the potential to make your run very OP if you know how to use him. First, though, you have to know how to unlock Apollyon.

How Do I Unlock Apollyon?

Brimstone vs Mega Satan
Brimstone vs Mega Satan

Unlocking Apollyon is simple, all you have to do is defeat mega satan during a run. There are a few things to be mindful of, though. In order for the unlock to trigger, it mustn’t be a seeded run and it also can’t be a victory lap.

To get to mega satan, you need to shoot for angel rooms during a run. After bombing two separate angel statues in the angel rooms, they will leave behind two key pieces that combine to allow you entry into the mega satan fight. 

Alternatively, you can use the Dad’s key active item to get into the room. This item is unlocked after the first time you collect the two key pieces from the angel statues. 

How Good Is Apollyon?

Apollyon using the Void - Binding of Isaac
Apollyon using the Void – Binding of Isaac

Once you’ve unlocked Apollyon in the Binding of Isaac, prepare to have a lot of fun. 

The main pull for the character is the starting item that he comes with, the Void. The Void is an active item that has a 6 bar recharge time and, with a bit of luck, can turn any bad run on its head and give you the victory. 

Void turns all passive items into stat upgrades for the run, meaning lesser items such as Abel and Mom’s Heart could actually be put to use as a damage or tear upgrade. Additionally, the Vault takes on the function of all active items that you absorb with its charge, meaning that you can build some powerful combinations and shoot for some of the best Isaac synergies around. 

How to Play Apollyon?

Brimstone and Tammy's Head Synergy
Brimstone and Tammy’s Head Synergy

One of the main issues that a lot of players have with Apollyon is that you are limited to a particular play style that revolves around your starting item. Whilst that is true, it is a good play style that, more often than not, can give you the stats boost needed for a victory. 

The tactic is simple, every passive item that you don’t want to pick up, consume it with Void for an upgrade. Conversely, any active item that you want to take with you, take it – you could end up stacking the Book of Revelations, the Satanic Bible, and the Prayer Card for a powerful HP generating synergy. 

There is one caveat. Luck still plays a strong part in the efficacy of Apollyon. If your first few starting pedestals show very bad active items, you’re probably going to want to avoid them, leaving you empty handed for a few item rooms. Likewise, if you get a really good active item early on, you’ll likely be left contemplating which one to take. The decision could likely be make or break for your run too. 

Who is Apollyon?

The 10 Best Binding of Isaac Synergies
The 10 Best Binding of Isaac Synergies

Apollyon is the Greek name for the Christian apocalyptic destroyer Abaddon. 

The character continues the Christian theme that is prevalent throughout the whole of the Binding of Isaac

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