5 Helpful Kingdom Come Deliverance Tips for Beginners

The level of realism in Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes it difficult to become good at the game fast. You must first master the basics and grind out a few stats before you get anywhere in the game. 

But where to start? Well, there are definitely some things I wish I’d have known before playing KCD. Here are 5 Kingdom Come Deliverance tips for beginners. 

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5. Stock Up On Saviour Schnapps

Stock up on Saviour Schnapps at Taverns
Stock up on Saviour Schnapps at Taverns

Perhaps one of the most widely heard Kingdom Come Deliverance tips is that you should stock up on as much Saviour Schnapps as you can afford and find. It’s a good tip, too. 

The only way to save the game is to either go to sleep or to drink some Saviour Schnapps. Bianca gives Henry a few bottles of the saving drink near the start of the game, but after that you have to procure your own. It can be bought at Taverns, Herbalists, and Bathhouses. 

If you’re into Alchemy, you can also make your own Saviour Schnapps by Wine, 1x Nettle, and 2x Belladonna. 

4. Eat Unspoiled Food (But Not Too Much!)

Keep Henry sated!
Keep Henry sated!

When Henry says, “I’m hungry”, you know it’s time to eat. This is something that I overlooked for a long time, but recognising the importance of food is one of the best Kingdom Come Deliverance tips that a beginner can learn. Embarrassingly so, I actually died a couple of times from eating spoiled food before I realised what the problem is. 

It may sound obvious that you need to eat food in order to maintain your health, but when so few RPGs include this as a way of ensuring your character’s survival, it’s easy to overlook. 

You can’t just go eating anything and everything, though, and different foods become rotten at different times. The health of the food is indicated by the condition column in the menu (underneath the heart-shaped symbol). Anything under 50 is a no-go. 

As an extra tip, it’s a good idea to stock up on dried foods. They may not provide too much nourishment, but they are generally cheap, light, and take ages to spoil. 

3. Clean Your Clothes

Clean Henry's clothes to improve Speech
Clean Henry’s clothes to improve Speech

As in life, you must clean your clothes regularly in this game. And if I had to have one gripe about the game, it’s that Henry gets dirty really quickly. But, alas, it is what it is. 

If you get dirty (indicated by the mud icon on your clothes in the menu) then you know it’s time to have a wash. You can wash by using a wash trough for a quick splash, or spend a bit of money at the Bathhouse for a proper clean (and a little extra if you are so inclined…). 

It’s worth noting that talking to NPCs while dirty decreases your Speech stat, and certain dialogue choices may, therefore, become unavailable to you. 

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2. Practice with Captain Bernard

Train with Captain Bernard
Train with Captain Bernard

Spending a bit of time training with Captain Bernard goes a long way to making your early game experience easier and more enjoyable. As soon as the quest becomes available to go and duel with him (Train, Hard, Fight Easy), I strongly recommend going there right away and putting in a few hours practice. 

In fact, this is probably one of the best Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you will hear. It will augment the whole experience with the game tenfold. You’ll go from stumbling around with clunky and slow swipes, to enjoying every little maneuver you can execute with each weapon. 

In all honesty, without doing this fairly early on, combat could quickly become a drag.

1. Select Stat Perks

Upgrade your Stats and upgrade your Henry!
Upgrade your Stats and upgrade your Henry!

Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I progressed in the game for the longest time before realising that you can give Henry added Stat Perks after levelling up different attributes. 

It’s not difficult, either, all you have to do is go across to the Player section in the menu bar and see how many points you have available (indicated by the number under the star icon. 

As you progress throughout the game, the Perks you choose will depend on your playstyle, but I’d say that the best early game Perks to choose that everyone can benefit from are Mule, Heavy Duty Pony, and First Aid I. These will stand you in good stead for as a beginner. 

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