The 10 Most Difficult Enter the Gungeon Bosses

Enter the Gungeon is one of the harder top down rogue-lite games out there, and a number of difficult bosses can make your run a misery if you’re not prepared (and even if you are prepared, sometimes). 

Some are harder than others, though, and after countless hours in the game there are some that I still find impossible to master. That being said, here is a list of the 10 most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses. This list is subjective, of course, and you may have different ideas. If so, let us know in the comment section below!

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10. Ammoconda

Ammoconda - Gungeon Boss
Ammoconda – Gungeon Boss

First up on this list of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses is Ammoconda. The main challenge of this snake boss is its unpredictability. Slithering around the room in unpredictable patterns, Ammoconda will fire bullets in all directions and in a seemingly random fashion. 

The fact that it’s a Second Chamber boss makes this even harder. If your run hasn’t been kind to you by the time you reach Ammoconda, you could be saying goodbye to the run right there and then. Sometimes even sheer skill can’t carry you through at this stage. Just be sure to have a few blanks at the ready. 

9. The Kill Pillars

The Kill Pillars - Gungeon Boss
The Kill Pillars – Gungeon Boss

The number of runs that I’ve lost at the hands of the Kill Pillars makes me shudder at the thought. These four phantom bullet statues are incredibly troublesome and it’s rare to come through the battle without getting hit at least once. 

The pillars bounce around firing bullets from the base of the statue in various directions, leaving you with some expert dodge rolling to do if you want to avoid damage. Then, when they all cluster together in the center of the room, you have to get in close to avoid the encircling bullets, all the while being mindful of even more projectiles coming at you from the bosses. 

No question, the Kill Pillars are one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses, and you’re a better player than me if you figured out how to consistently beat them AND get the Master Round. 

8. Cannonbalrog

Cannonbalrog - Gungeon Boss
Cannonbalrog – Gungeon Boss

Some Gungeon players find Cannonbalrog to be one of the easiest bosses in the game, I’m not one of those people. Granted, it’s fairly easy to dodge out of the way of most of the projectiles, but one it does the pinball attack, I know I’m probably at a 50/50 chance of taking some damage. 

I’m also not particularly keen on Cannonbalrog’s tendency to disappear into the darkness and fire bullets from unknown spots. That’s unsettling to say the least. Yet, despite being one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses, you still have a good chance of making it to the next chamber, it’s just that (in my case at least) you may not be taking a Master Chamber with you. 

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7. Door Lord

Door Lord - Gungeon Boss
Door Lord – Gungeon Boss

The Door Lord was actually one of the first bosses I encountered in the Gungeon, and I was under the impression that it would be a regular battle that I’d have to get used to. I was pleased to discover that it is, in fact, one of the rarest bosses in the game, with a 1.33% chance of spawning in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th chambers.

It’s rarity also adds to the difficulty. If you’re not familiar with the attack patterns, you’re likely to take damage. The burning laser attack always seems to catch me out. Blanks will be your best friend in this fight. 

6. Mine Flayer

Mine Flayer - Gungeon Boss
Mine Flayer – Gungeon Boss

Mine Flayer. Oh boy, this boss is easily one of my least favorites to see in the 4th chamber and, indeed, in the entire game. Spawning multiple mines at once and fast bullet spraying at the same time make Mine Flayer a really tough boss to beat flawlessly. 

There are tricks to beating this boss, though, such as moving slightly clockwise during each wave of spiral bullets, and focusing on defense when the mines spawn. Even with that in mind, though, it’s still one of the hardest Gungeon bosses, and one which will make you roll your eyes more often than not when you see it. 

5. The Lich

The Lich - Gungeon Boss
The Lich – Gungeon Boss

Defeating the Lich is definitely doable, but the mere fact that it is practically 3 bosses in 1 makes it one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses. Don’t believe the people that tell you the Lich is easy. 

Granted, you may be able to identify and learn the patterns of the attacks better than some of the other bosses, but it still requires tremendous skill to be able to secure the victory, let alone a flawless one. You should be okay on phase one of the boss, but the other two – oh boy. Phase two of the Lich is particularly hard. Expect randomly scattered bullets coming at you from all angles, and be prepared to use a blank when he pounds the battle arena with both hands. 

4. The High Priest

High Priest - Gungeon Boss
High Priest – Gungeon Boss

Has anyone ever enjoyed a battle with the High Priest? I think not. This is a real headache of a fight. The randomness of the bullets spawned is a particular problem in this fight. In fact, I’d even go as far as to suggest that, without a handful of blanks in your possession, it is nearly impossible to defeat High Priest without taking damage, unless you have an unbelievably overpowered run. 

Let’s not even get started on the random wall bullets and the High Priest’s tendency to become invisible at sporadic intervals. This is a tough boss, for sure, the only thing that makes it worthwhile is looking forward to that rewarding feeling after you defeat him. 

3. The Resourceful Rat

Resourceful Rat Punch Put Phase
Resourceful Rat Punch Out Phase

After all the Ammo, Armor, Items, and Guns that the Resourceful Rat has stolen from Gungeon dwellers in the past, you’d think that coming up against with the chance to settle old scores would be a joy. It’s anything but, though. 

You should be okay in the first phase and you may even say it is easy once you learn the attack patterns. The second phase is where things start to get hard, though, and if you’re not on top of your game, you can easily lose the run here. 

If you do get through this, though, you have to deal with the third phase of the resourceful rat. This Punch Out phase is so unlike any of the other stages that it can take time to get used to. The trouble is, you don’t get any, and if you don’t adjust in time, it will quickly be game over. This is surely one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses of all. 

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2. The Old King

The Old King Gungeon Boss
The Old King Gungeon Boss

The Old King is incredibly hard, so much so that many a Gungeon player believes that the boss should be redesigned to make it more realistically beatable and not so OP. I’m partially in that camp, too. The Old King is really, really difficult, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve died at his hands more times than I’ve triumphed. 

The Old King just has so much HP. You can go in there with all the firepower in the world, but your best efforts just seem to tickle him a little. This is a boss that requires patience, so if you’re running short of some during your run, perhaps skip the Abbey this time. 

1. Advanced Dragun

Advanced Dragun - is this one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses?
Advanced Dragun – is this one of the most difficult Enter the Gungeon bosses?

With the Advanced Dragun, you get the impression that the devs really don’t want you to beat the game. You need to have great guns and items if you’re going to win this fight, going in with subpar equipment will undoubtedly lead to your death. Make sure to have plenty of blanks if you can, too. 

I wish I could give you some tips for Advanced Dragun, but as with most boss guides you’ll read about the fight, the truth is that you just need a bucket load of luck from the item pool to give you an OP run. If you’ve got as far as this, skill isn’t the problem, but your equipment can be. There’s no question that Advanced Dragun is one of the hardest Enter the Gungeon bosses. 

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