How to make a Sawmill in Terraria? A Short and Easy Guide

The Sawmill is a very useful thing to have in Terraria as it can be used to craft advanced Wood and different types of Furniture. Some people struggle with building a Sawmill though, and you should read on you do too. 

This is how to make a Sawmill in Terraria.

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How to make a Sawmill in Terraria?

Winter is coming in Terraria
Winter is coming in Terraria

First off, you’ll need to have a Work Bench as this is where you’ll make the Sawmill. Then, you just have to get your hands on 10 of any Wood, 2 Iron Bars, and 1 Chain. That’s it. Simply take all your ingredients to the Work Bench and craft away. 

Chain’s can be crafted at a Lead Anvil or an Iron Anvil. You just need to take a Lead Bar or Iron Bar to the respective Anvil and craft the Chain there. 

Now that you know how to make a Sawmill in Terraria, you can get started making some other useful early game items. 

How to make a Bed in Terraria?

Crafting a rope at dusk - Terraria
Crafting a rope at dusk – Terraria

Beds are items that can be crafted at the Sawmill with 15 Wood and 5 Silk. There are around 30 different types of bed but all of them offer the same functionality, they just differ in appearance. 

If you want to make a variant of the standard Bed, you’ll need different materials, too. For example, for a Cactus Bed (sounds painful, I know!) you have to use 15 Cactus and 5 Silk, whereas a Spooky Bed requires 15 Spooky Wood and 5 Silk

To set a new spawn point using the Bed, press the Activate button at the foot of the bed. You will receive the message “Spawn point set!” to indicate that the action has been successful. Note that this can only be done in a valid room. 

There are a number of non craftable beds in the game, too. Most of these can be found in Dungeons or Ruined Houses, but the Golden Bed is dropped by Pirates. 

How to make Loom in Terraria? 

Terraria - Digging and Exploring
Terraria – Digging and Exploring

Another furniture item you can craft at the Sawmill is Loom. Loom is a very handy item as it allows you to make Silk, Banners, and various Vanity items. All you need to make Loom is 12 Wood (any type). Simply take the wood to the Sawmill and craft your Loom there. 

How do you get wood in Terraria?

Harvest Trees to Get Wood
Harvest Trees to Get Wood

You may have noticed a running theme in each of the craftable items mentioned in this post – they all require Wood. If you’re new to the game, you may not know where to get it, but you shouldn’t worry as it’s really easy to procure. 

All you need to get Wood is an Axe or a Chainsaw. With these in your inventory you can cut down trees to obtain Wood. There are 9 different variations of Wood, and many craftable items will allow any type of Wood to be used in their making. It’s worth noting that the type of Wood used may change the appearance of the item that you make.  

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For beginners who are struggling to progress in Terraria and want to improve their skills in the game, I highly recommend checking out the YouTube video below by beaverrac, it helped me out a lot when I first started! Patience and practice are the key to success in this game, it won’t be long until you start feeling like a pro.  

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