The 10 Most Controversial Video Games Of All Time

5. Custer’s Revenge

Custer's Revenge Gameplay
Custer’s Revenge Gameplay

Custer’s Revenge is a weird game that makes you wonder how on Earth it ever got past the conception stage. Released in 1982, the objective of the game by Mystique isto rape a Native American woman. 

It sounds horrible, and it is. Players control George Custer, a naked general who wears nothing but a cavalry hat. Indeed, his pixelated form leaves nothing to the imagination. Eventually, the game was withdrawn from circulation and has been retroactively panned by audiences worldwide.  It is still often brought up in discourse concerning the most offensive video games. 

4. Postal 2

Postal 2 Gameplay
Postal 2 Gameplay

Postal 2 is cut front the same cloth as the previously mentioned Hatred. You follow a misanthropic postal guy as he becomes disillusioned with society and proceeds to go on a killing spree. 

The original Postal was already contentious, but things stepped up a level in Postal 2. The 2005 game allows players to kill citizens in a number of rather disturbing ways, including using a cat as a silencer on a shotgun. 

The developers, Running with Scissors, argued that everything was made tongue in cheek and that the game was only as violent as the player. This feels like a cop out, though, when you consider some of the actions you can do. There is no doubt that Postal 2 is rightfully regarded as one of the most controversial games ever made.  

3. Manhunt 

Manhunt Gameplay
Manhunt Gameplay

Manhunt is another Rockstar game to make the list, based on its graphic violence and depiction of murder. The game was banned in several countries and was even implicated in a child murder case in Leicestershire, England. 

Despite some evidence of copycat killings related to the game’s content, Rockstar denied any links between the survival horror game and deadly incidents. A sequel, Manhunt 2, was released in 2007 and was equally as controversial. Both games have garnered a cult following since their release. 

2. Hatred

Hatred Video Game
Hatred Video Game

Hatred is a 2015 shoot ‘em game that divided audiences immediately upon release. The game, which is played from an isometric perspective, follows an unnamed mass character who begins a genocidal crusade against humanity in New York City. 

The aim of the game is disturbingly simple. Kill as many civilians as possible with the large array of weapons at your disposal. Unsurprisingly, the game had negative reviews, and many lamented some good gameplay mechanics being completely wasted on a truly shocking video game. 

1. RapeLay

Perhaps the most controversial game ever made is the Japanese eroge game, RapeLay. Released in 2006 by Illusion Soft, the aim of the game is to stalk a mother and her two daughters, as a male protagonist, with the intention of sexually assaulting them when the chance arises. 

The less said about this game, the better. It is a prime example of video games taking things too far, and sets back the industry immeasurably as a consequence. It’s astounding that games like this ever existed in the first place. 

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