Warcraft 2 Cheats – Get an edge over the AI

Folk of a certain age will remember the early Warcraft games as for what they were – truly awesome and pioneering real-time strategy games. For many, the favorite of the bunch is Warcraft 2, and it’s easy to see why. This game had charm in abundance, and still stands up well today in the modern era of RTS games. 

Yet, for the impatient, a cheat can go a long way to augmenting the gameplay. I include myself in this group on occasion. So, here are all of the known Warcraft 2 cheats for your convenience. And please let us know which your favorite cheat to use is in the comment section!


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Warcraft 2 Cheats

Warcraft 2 Cheats
Warcraft 2 Cheats

If you’re in need of a boost to help grow your settlement, the following codes should help you out. Simply press [enter] to bring up the cheat command center, and then input any of the following codes. 

DECK ME OUTUnlocks and provides the player with all weapons and armor upgrades, regardless of which buildings have been built.
DISCOChanges the background music to a hidden track entitled “I’m a medieval man”. 
EVERY LITTLE THINGUnlocks and provides the player with all spell upgrades, regardless of which buildings have been built. Also gives units unlimited mana. 
GLITTERING PRIZESRewards ALL players (including AI) with 5,000 lumber, 5,000 oil, and 10,000 gold. 
SPYCOBALL players receive 5,000 oil. 
HATCHETPeasants, peons, and all other worker units now cut down trees much faster. This applies to ALL players. (This is also my favorite of all of the Warcraft 2 cheats, as it can be very satisfying watching large swathes of forests disappear to an army of peons). 
IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIEPlayer units deal more damage and become immune to MOST enemy attacks. This excludes Blizzard, Death and Decay, and Whirlwind
MAKE IT SOAll units and buildings are produced faster. This applies to ALL players. 
NOGLUESRemoves score screens and mission briefs. 
ON SCREENEntire map becomes fully visible.
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEShows the campaign victory cutscene. 
TIGERLILYAllows players to jump to a specific level in the campaign mode. Once enabled, use Human # or Orc # to select certain level, with ‘#’ indicating the level number. (E.g. Orc 4 will take you to level 4 of the orc campaign. 
UNITE THE CLANSInstantly gain victory in the current scenario. 
YOU PITIFUL WORMInstantly lose the current scenario. 

Warcraft 1 Cheats

Warcraft 1 Cheats
Warcraft 1 Cheats

The original Warcraft game also has a fair few cheats that can help your armies grow. Open the cheat command center the same way, using the [enter] key. Then, type in any of the following codes for the Warcraft 1 cheats. .

CORWIN OF AMBEREnables cheats. Should be used before entering any of the following cheat codes. 
POT OF GOLDPlayers get 5,000 lumber and 10,000 gold.
EYE OF NEWTPlayers unlock, and are able to cast, all spells. 
IRON FORGEAll upgrades are unlocked and fully researched. 
IDES OF MARCHSkips to final cutscene. 
THERE CAN ONLY BE ONEAll units become invulnerable, and deal more damage. 
CRUSHING DEFEATLose the current level instantly. 
SALLY SHEARSRemove fog of war. 
HUMAN#Skip to specific levels in the human campaign. 
ORC#Skip to specific levels in the orc campaign.
HURRY UP GUYSAll units and buildings are produced faster. 
YOURS TRULYInstantly gain victory in the current level. 

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To watch the full Orc campaign mode, check out the great YouTube video below by Stu. 

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