The Best Binding of Isaac Seeds (Repentance and Afterbirth+)

There’s nothing more enjoyable than happening upon a great BOI seed that gives you OP tears from the outset and allows you to obliterate your foes. Luckily, some people take note of their seeds so that others can enjoy them, too. 

Seeds change depending on the console and the version you’re playing, but we’ve scoured the net and have tried to find the best Repentance and Afterbirth+ seeds. So, here are the best Binding of Isaac seeds available right now, with what to expect in each run. The items found in some of these seeds may change slightly depending on which items you have unlocked. Use the contents menu to skip to the relevant section for you. 


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The Best Binding of Isaac Repentance Seeds

Best Repentance Seeds
Best Repentance Seeds

As the most recent DLC, it was harder to find a lot of the best Binding of Isaac seeds for Repentance, but there are still plenty to be getting on with. As of time of writing, Repentance is only available for the PC, so all the Repentance seeds below are only for PC. 


Mode: Normal

Items: Ankh, Bible, Tech X, Mutant Spider, Guppy’s Collar, Sausage, Faded Polaroid, Flat File.

Notes: Run works well with Azazel. Find the secret rooms to make the most of the run (the Bible is in a secret room on Depths II). 

D4E4 YK0G 

Mode: Normal

Items: Rocket in a Jar, Goat Head, Dead Cat, Soy Milk, Blood Clot.

Notes: Very fun Isaac seed that leads to some interesting synergies, particularly if playing as Azazel. It’s the run that keeps on giving and continues to get stronger the farther you get. 


Mode: Normal

Items: Inner Eye, Almond Milk, Brimstone, Pentagram, Brain Worm.

Notes: Very OP run that will leave you with triple Brimstone and homing shots to boot. 

8Z1E 0TAK 

Mode: Normal

Items: Mutant Spider, Proptosis, Brimstone.

Notes: Brimstone is on the 4th floor and the Brimstone is on the 4th floor’s Devil Room. 


Mode: Normal

Items: Inner Eye, Mutant Spider, Squeezy

Notes: This is a good seed if you like multiple tears in one shot. It gets good fast and you can tailor it how you like after getting these strong items early on. 

The Best Afterbirth+ Seeds

PC Afterbirth+ Seeds

Afterbirth Plus PC Seeds
Afterbirth Plus PC Seeds

Here are the best Binding of Isaac seeds for the PC in the Afterbirth+ DLC.


Mode: Normal

Items: Inner Eye, Mutant Spider, 20/20, Tammy’s Head, Multidimensional Baby

Notes: Fun with any character but Tammy’s Head makes Azazel the character of choice in this one.  


Mode: Normal

Items: Brimstone, Mutant Spider, Magic Mushroom, Lost Contact

Notes: Very powerful seed with great projectile protection from shielded tears. Brimstone is in the second floor devil room. 

0E81 79LB 

Mode: Hard

Items: Ludovico Technique, Small Rock, Cricket’s Head, Spider Bite

Notes: A great seed for Azazel as you get Ludo on the first floor. Small Rock is found by bombing the marked rock on the first floor, and Cricket’s Head is in a stone chest on the second floor. 

Nintendo Switch Afterbirth+ Seeds

Afterbirth Plus Nintendo Switch Seeds
Afterbirth Plus Nintendo Switch Seeds

Here are a few of the best Binding of Isaac Seeds for Switch: 


Mode: Normal

Items: Mutant Spider, Proptosis, Brimstone, 20/20, The Mulligan, Jacob’s Ladder, Spirit of the Night

Notes: One of the most OP seeds I’ve tried. Pyromaniac also turns up at some point which helps the low number of health upgrades.  


Mode: Normal

Items: Godhead, Book of Sins, Capricorn, Judas’s Shadow, Athame, Guppy’s Collar, Growth Hormones. 

Notes: Best played as Eden in order to get Godhead as one of the starting items. Would still be a strong seed with other characters, though. 

PS4 Afterbirth+ Seeds

Afterbirth Plus PS4 Seeds
Afterbirth Plus PS4 Seeds

Here are some fun BOI Afterbirth+ seeds for the PS4.


Mode: Normal

Items: Guppy’s Paw, Guppy’s Head, Guppy’s Head, Hive Mind, BFF

Notes: If you like Guppy, you’re in for a treat with this seed. Needs to be played as Isaac in order to get Guppy on the first floor. In the curse room, open the 3 Red Chests, take Guppy’s Paw and then touch Guppy’s Head and replace it again for the D6. Re-roll the head into Guppy’s Collar and let the fun commence!


Mode: Normal

Items: Guppy, Wafer, Inner Eye, Epic Fetus

Notes: Make sure to visit the Dice Room on the first floor!

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Have you tried any of these best Binding of Isaac Seeds? Or perhaps you know of some other BOI seeds that you’d like to share. If so, let us know in the comment section below using the same format where possible (Seed, Mode, Items, Notes). If any of these don’t work properly or are massively different to what was said, please get in touch to say so.  

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To see Repentance in action, check out the great YouTuber Northernlion have a go at it in the video below!

20 thoughts on “The Best Binding of Isaac Seeds (Repentance and Afterbirth+)”

  1. I just got the best seed i found so far, i was playing random seeds to get some characters (such as samsom), when i got the seed i got 3 characters, samsom, eden and magdalene, the seed is N0RJJ1NT

  2. QLP3HSJ4. Greed Mode. First shop has a fire with a nickle, that key gets you tech X in the item room. First devil room has two guppy items – second and third floor devil rooms both have guppy items as well (other items were the mark and penagram). Third floor item room has hemolacria. Very OP run right from the start.

  3. greed mode op seed (recommended for lilith): 80M6 8SMF
    op damage, 10 heart containers, 9 volt and 7.5 volt, and it makes so you can spam incubus in ultra greed, recommended

  4. NLZE 1YE8
    I tried this one with lillith and it wasn’t inner eye on the first floor but anti gravity, with mutant spider on the second

  5. I got a CRAZY seed: XRJW 0XLD
    Burning Basement 1=Tech x in the item room, then also in Burning basement 1 theres stopwatch in the shop.
    Basement 2=Incubus and Mom’s Knife, both in the devil room.
    Flooded Caves 1=Uranus in the planetarium.
    Catacombs 2=Bird’s Eye in the item room(i rerolled the original item using the reroll machine)
    Dank Depths 2=20/20 in Boss Rush.
    Really awesome seed.I used Tainted Beth, but any other character is suitable.


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