The Best Necromancer Builds in Divinity Original Sin 2: 4 Winning Approaches

One of the best things about Divinity Original Sin 2 is the many different builds and approaches you can take to winning the game. One of the most enjoyable classes to play around with is the Necromancer, as there are multiple options and you can decide to either take an aggressive approach or a more reserved, backseat point of view. 

The best builds are, of course, subjective, and what floats one person’s boat may not cut the mustard. Even so, we thought we’d have a go at choosing the best Necromancer builds for Divinity Original Sin 2. Here are our top 4. 


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4. Terramancer Build

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay
Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay

One of the best Necromancer builds in DOS2 is the Terramancer. The Terramancer utilizes a unique blend of Necromancer, Geomancer, and Hydrosophist Skills, and is a powerful combo that also allows you to provide some healing action for yourself and your party members. 

You’ll want to be a Mage for the Terramancer build, as this will augment your attributes in the best possible way. The abilities that are at your disposal in this blend will allow you to deal heavy damage to both enemies with low Physical Armor and low Magic Armor, and you’ll also have a better chance at surviving than most, with Hydrosophist abilities such as Vampiric Hunger and Living Armor. Durability is further enhanced by the high Geomancer skill level, which will allow for some powerful Physical Armor buffs. 

In the Terramancer build, the main attribute of focus is Intelligence, which will increase the efficacy of Necromancer and Geomancer skills. When Intelligence is high enough (above 40), focus on improving Wits to improve Critical Chance, and other attributes to equip certain weapons and armor as you see fit.

The best weapon to use is a poison-based Wand,as it will increase your Intelligence further, but you can get away with a one-handed weapon, too. 

Most of your Combat Ability points will be placed in Geomancer, but you’ll want at least 2 in Hydrosophist, 4 in Necromancer, and as many Warfare points as possible. You can play around with the abilities but some of the key abilities you’ll want with this build are Fossil Strike, Earthquake, Mosquito Swarm, Blood Storm, and Vampiric Hunger

3. Immortal Necromancer Build

List of Necromancer Skills in DOS2
List of Necromancer Skills in DOS2

Another good Necromancer build is the Immortal Necromancer. This build focuses on Necromancer, Hydrosophist, and Warfare. Of these, the Warfare skill should be maxed out as it scales with Necromancer abilities. You’ll also want to have the highest possible Retribution skill points. 

In terms of Attributes, focus on maxing out Intelligence as a priority, with Wits as a secondary focus. After that, improve your Memory and Constitution as you see fit, but it is not so important how much you put in either.  

The best Talents for this build are Elemental Affinity, Ingenious, and Undead. You can play around with the other Talents to suit your playstyle. 

In terms of the Memorised Skills, try and use as all or as many Necromancer Skills as possible. Then, for an extra damage boost you can add the Warfare Skills Bouncing Shield, Thick of the Fight, and Phoenix Dive

Once you have these attributes and skills in place, you’ll soon realise that you have one of the best Necromancer builds in Divinity Original Sin 2, and any other changes you make to the build will likely not make much difference to the power that this approach carries. 

2. Blood Mage Necromancer Build

Many players choose Sebille as a Blood Mage
Many players choose Sebille as a Blood Mage

Another one of the best Necromancer builds is the Blood Mage build. As with most necromancer builds in DOS2, this approach places an emphasis on high Intelligence and Wits in order to deal heavy Critical Chance damage with your necromancing abilities.  

The Blood Mage is extremely durable as you can heal yourself, restore Physical Armor, and restore Magic Armor. This also means that you don’t really have to worry about improving your HP too much as you will always be able to recover from any damage. 

In terms of attributes, you should max out Intelligence and gain Constitution and Wits to a decent level (around 15), the other Attributes are inconsequential. For Skill points, you should focus on Warfare, Hydrosophist, and Necromancer, with most of your points dedicated to Warfare. 

You’ll generally take on a more supporting role as a Blood Mage Necromancer, but there are a couple of Skills that you should add to your arsenal to allow you to devastating attacks – these are Grasp of the Starved and Blood Storm. Other important skills for this build are Blood Sucker, Raining Blood, Bouncing Shield, and Armour of Frost

As with all the best necromancer builds, you’ll want to get weapons and armor that augment Warfare, Intelligence, and Scoundrel. This will lead to more powerful Skills and better Critical damage. 

1. Ultimate War Necromancer Build

The Red Prince works well for the Ultimate War Build
The Red Prince works well for the Ultimate War Build

The build that I’ve had the most fun with is the Ultimate War Necromancer. For me, this is easily one of the best necromancer builds in Divinity Original Sin 2. I first learned of this build from a YouTube video by RPG Division (which I’ll link at the end), and it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with the game. 

For the attributes, you want to have a high level of Strength (~25) and Intelligence (~50), while Wits should be given priority when choosing your equipment. The renaming points should be assigned to Memory and Constitution. You’ll want to have weapons and armour that augment these stats as much as possible – Mage gear is the best for this. A two-handed weapon is the best for this build. 

Assign Combat Ability points to Two-Handed, Warfare, and Necromancer. Hydrosophist and Scoundrel are also good for this necromancer build but really you can choose the rest as you see fit and it won’t affect the Ultimate War build. 

For Talents, make sure you have Executioner, Elemental Affinity, Hothead, and Savage Sortilege. For Skills, the key ones are Whirlwind, Bone Cage, Phoenix Dive, Battle Stomp, and Blood Sucker. For your remaining memorized slots you can just choose your favorite Warfare and Necromancer abilities. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Ultimate War approach and it is easily one of best necromancer builds in Divinity Original Sin 2

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