How old is Lulu in FFX?

Perhaps rather weirdly, one of the most asked questions in relation to Lulu in Final Fantasy X is about her age. 

In this article, we answer exactly how old is Lulu in FFX, what is her relationship to Wakka, and many more of the lesser known facts about one of the game’s most intriguing characters. 


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How old is Lulu in FFX?

Lulu grew up with Wakka on Besaid Island
Lulu grew up with Wakka on Besaid Island

Lulu is 22-years old. She grew up on Besaid Island and was an older sister figure to Yuna. 

Lulu is an expert in black magic and eventually becomes one of Yuna’s guardians, alongside Wakka, who she also grew up with on the island. 

Lulu may seem older and more mature than her name seems to suggest, and that is probably because she has been through quite a lot in her life. One particularly traumatic event was the death of Wakka’s brother, Chappu, who Lulu had a romantic relationship with. Chappu was killed by Sin. 

In the sequel, FFX-2, Lulu is 24-years old. 

Are Lulu and Wakka married?

In the bonus DVD cutscene the Eternal Calm, it was revealed that Lulu and Wakka were now in a relationship and it seems that Lulu had managed to finally move on from the devastation of losing her first partner, Chappu. 

Did Wakka and Lulu have a baby?

Another revelation from the Eternal Calm cutscene is that Lulu was pregnant. Although it is not explicitly said, it is highly suggested that Wakka is the father of Lulu’s baby. 

This is confirmed in the Final Fantasy X-2, where we learn that Wakka and Lulu have had a baby called Vidina. Together, they live on Besaid Island. I’m sure that Wakka has ambitions for Vidina to become one of the best Blitzball players in Spira one day! 

How old are Tidus and Yuna? 

How old are Tidus and Yuna.
How old are Tidus and Yuna?


Yuna is 17-years old in Final Fantasy X, and 19 in Final Fantasy X-2. Her father, Braska, was the last High Summoner to defeat Sin. 

Yuna, who was born in Bevelle, was named after Lady Yunalesca, who was a popular figure in Spira as she was the first ever High Summoner to beat Sin and bring about the Calm.

Yuna defies her youth and inexperience in Final Fantasy X as she shows tremendous willpower and determination in her pilgrimage to defeat Sin and keep the morale of her guardians high. Yuna was put into the care of Kimahri by Auron, who used his last breaths in order to reach Yuna after receiving a fatal blow from Yunalesca during Braska’s pilgrimage. 


Like Yuna, Tidus is also 17-years old in Final Fantasy X.

There are some fan theories that propose that Tidus is actually 1,000 years old and is stuck in an ageless loop with other citizens of Zanarkand. In truth, though, this theory doesn’t really work as we know that Auron visited Dream Zanarkand and watched Tidus grow from a young child to the age of 17.

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So now you know the answer to the question, how old is Lulu? Does the answer surprise you? Many people think Lulu is actually older than she is, and it’s easy to see why. She has a level of maturity that defies her years. 

If you like the character and want to know more than just how old is Lulu in FFX, check out the YouTube video below by Virtual Gaming World that goes into great detail about Lulu’s history and story. 

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