Streets of Rage 2 Cheats

As the second game in the now critically acclaimed series, Streets of Rage 2 had a lot to live up to following the first game in the series. And what a job it did. For a lot of people, it is the best game in the series. 

Yet, there are some corners that can be cut to make the game just that little bit even more enjoyable. There aren’t too many cheats, but the few that exist are worth knowing. Read on to learn all of the Streets of Rage 2 cheats.


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Streets of Rage 2 Cheats – Sega Mega Drive & Genesis

Axel and Blaze return in Streets of Rage 2
Axel and Blaze return in Streets of Rage 2


To access the Streets of Rage 2 cheats, you first need to open the cheat menu. At the Main Menu screen, hold down [A] + [B] on your Genesis controller 2 whilst also pressing options at the same time. 

This will bring up a hidden menu that allows you to choose the difficulty (ranging from Very Easy to Mania), select the starting stage, and choose how many lives you want to start with (up to a maximum of 9). 


This is less of a cheat, and more of an unlock. Yet, it is still worth mentioning as the Fists of Death mode in Streets of Rage 2 brings boundless fun! In this mode, you can kill enemies with one hit, meaning you can fly through the game at a pace set entirely by yourself. 

In order to unlock the Fists of Death mode, simply complete the game once with any character. Then, it will become available. 


One of the lesser known Streets of Rage 2 cheats is a code inputted to allow both players to be the same character at the same time. 

To do this, press down [B] and Right on the Player 1 controller, and Left and [A] on the Player 2 controller. Whilst everything is still pressed in, Press [C] on the Player 2 controller. 

If everything is inputted correctly, you will now be able to select the same character as Player 1 and Player 2.

Streets of Rage 2 Moves

Streets of Rage 2 - Genesis Gameplay
Streets of Rage 2 – Genesis Gameplay

All of the characters follow the same general moveset in Streets of Rage 2, with variations in the animations, combinations, and special attacks. The moves in the game are as follows:

Regular Attack[B]
Fury of Attacks[B] repeatedly
Single AttackHold and release [B]
Blitz AttackLeft Left or Right Right plus [B}
Rear Attack[B] + [C]
Jump AttackLeft or Right + [C] + [B]
Drop AttackC + Down + B
Power Blow (in grapple)[B]
Flurry 1 (in grapple)[B] repeatedly
Flurry 2 (in grapple)Left or Right (same direction as the enemy) + [B]
Body Throw (in grapple)Left or Right (opposite direction of the enemy) +[B]
Super Slam (in grapple)[C] + [B]
Land on feet while being thrown Hold Up, and press [C] just before landing
Special Attack A

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To see a full Axel playthrough on Streets of Rage 2, check out the great YouTube video below by gocalibergaming. As you can see from this video, it’s not always necessary to use the Streets of Rage 2 cheats, but I’ll never be able to play to the level displayed in this video…

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